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Build your Data lake with AWS S3

With a data lake, you store rich and diverse raw data. With AWS S3, you can create your data lake quickly, easily, and affordably. Data plays a vital role when it comes to making critical decisions for the future growth of a business. That’s why


Guest lecture at the University of Bamberg

When consulting colleagues go back to university… they often have a presentation on exciting topics from the field in their luggage! So did our team leader René Lechtenböhmer (Alumni of the faculty) and Jan Wiesemann (Predictive Analytics Consultant). Several times a year, the e.V.


CubeServ Analysebüro Best Practice-Berichterstattung

Simplification for your reporting With the highly formatted standard reporting for simplified “SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office”, you unify and accelerate your Reporting. You run your reporting with Excel, but struggle with the following problems: High complexity Low performance (capacity limits) Difficulties with multiple use

Advanced Analytics

How to make business analytics successful?

Making business analytics easier ✅ and more effective ✅ is challenging. With this blog(series) I present my solution approaches for discussion. ✌


Cloud – curse or blessing?

The cloud is the subject of very controversial discussions. For me, the advantages are in the foreground. With this blogpost I will show you why.

data model driven development

Data-Model-Driven-Development with SAP Power Designer

How SAP PowerDesigner supports data model-driven development PowerDesigner is SAP’s industry-leading data modeling tool. It provides a data model-driven development methodology to support and align business and information technology (IT). In this article, we take a look at what SAP PowerDesigner is and how it


Advanced Analytics with R and SAP Tools

The vast majority of companies use advanced analytics with R and SAP tools to forecast future events and make data-driven well-informed decisions. Perks of R and SAP Predictive Analytics Numerous statistical and analytical methods are used to sift through large quantities of data for hidden

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Business Analytics Platform: Agilty and Data Governance

The concept of a business analytics platform supports you to organize your data so everyone can use it. It forms the basis for a uniform understanding of underlying events and processes. We create the platform for you to manage your company or organization in a

We need to talk

We need to talk!

First of all, a Happy and successful New Year to everyone.  I know, you are all busy with Year End Closing but “We need to talk!” and I will keep it short. Well, quite some of you will connect this expression with something negative.  I


Why are the BI consumers not only happy?

I am in the Business Intelligence Business for over 20 years and seldom heard a business user say We have a fantastic Reporting, Analytics and Planning solution, I always have the data I need, New requirements are implemented fast, No need for spreadsheets anymore, Self-Service


Rapid changes in HR needed

COVID-19 is a typical Black Swan event. Nobody could foresee the global impact on our business and daily life. Rapid changes happened in HR but also other areas. We all struggle to get a clear picture about the future. Optimism helps and let us hope


Best Practice Dashboard with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

My colleagues and myself have talked a lot about Data Warehousing, Analytics, Reporting, Predictive and Planning in previous blogs and in several Webinars so far this year. However, we have not touched Best Practice in Dashboarding with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Regardless of the solution,


The Time Dimension in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

With Data Warehouse Cloud Version 2020.14, SAP released the feature to create time dimensions. Why is the time dimension so important? Beforehand, when loading data into SAP DWC there had to be many aggregation levels of a date column, e.g. for a separate column «Quarter»,


Analytics Designer Hackathon – Clinical Department analysis

This blog post is a submission for the Analytics Designer Hackathon. More information about the hackathon can be found here: Use case Clinical Department analysis Business case The scope of responsibility of Chief Physicians has widened in recent years. Thus, they are not only