SAP BusinessObjects BI Plattform

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SAP BusinessObjects is generally considered to be the leading market provider for formatted reporting as well as ad-hoc reporting on relational data sources. SAP Business Objects is based on the tried and tested Platform Business Objects Enterprise solution, Front-end InfoView, and the Central Management Console (CMC) as well as the CMS, as a repository for all BusinessObjects documents.

A prerequisite for the professional use of SAP BusinessObjects is the availability of the corresponding precise infrastructure. Amongst others, the design of deployments and the installation of SAP BusinessObjects server components.

The installation of BusinessObjects depends strongly on your requirements. Regarding the distribution of BusinessObjects components for the hardware to be made available, you need to ask yourself:

Business Objects Enterprise Framework Diagramm

Ensuring the appropriate content of the Business Objects platform is the main task. The central guidelines for administration must be laid down:

Our Approach

We will help you to make and implement the proper decisions. In addition, we will provide you with advice regarding the adapting of your existing SAP BusinessObjects installation to meet your requirements. If you wish to further the SAP integration of your SAP BusinessObjects tools, you will find in us, the leading provider and a partner who provides you with competent and balanced advice.

Our Offer

We will offer you support in every phase of the implementation of your SAP BusinessObjects solution:

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