SAP Gateway

The Backbone of all SAP Applications
Silvio Ackermann
Senior Expert

Devices, Environments and Platforms connected with SAP.

SAP Gateway is a technology based on open standards (REST, OData), which enables all types of platforms, devices and programming languages to consume data from SAP systems. The Gateway provides access to data and functions in SAP systems to external applications via a user-friendly API without requiring the developers to have specialist SAP expertise. The data or functions are provided via OData services, which can map the entire CRUD functionality (Create, Read, Update and Delete) using different HTTP methods. Communication is consequently effected via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

As the SAP Gateway is used to display and update business data in SAP Fiori among other things, it is currently of particular significance.

Our Approach

CubeServ has a wealth of experience with both the creation and consumption of services as well as the configuration of the SAP Gateway in the backend system and can therefore offer a comprehensive consulting service. We have been able to prove our competence in this area not least also through the development of packages and products of our own.

Our Offer

Configuration of SAP Gateway
We can support you with the configuration of the SAP Gateway in the backend system. Our SAP Basis experts have extensive experience in this area from numerous release upgrade projects.

Provision and consumption of services
We provide support with the design and implementation of OData services in the backend as well as with their consumption in diverse applications. Our developers can draw on a wealth of experience from a variety of projects.

Any questions or require further information please contact our Expert

Yu Chen

Passion to build intuitive and intelligent apps, integrate and bring intelligence into the processes. Senior consultant and competence lead for development @ CubeServ AG.