Mission Statement

Our Way of
Rainer Sigg
Geschäftsleitung Deutschland

Professionalism and responsibility

  • Our thoughts and action are determined by our professionalism and responsibility – within our company as well as with regard to our customers.
  • Our customers place high requirements towards us and have great expectations. Meeting and surpassing these expectations is our ambition and primary goal. It's how we earn our living.
  • We take on responsibility for our customers' projects.
  • Success is the fruit of a target-oriented, responsible combination of technological and personal competence, profound consultancy and professional customer and project management. We always strive to achieve these goals.

Willingness to perform and flexibility

  • In order to ensure professionalism and to be able to take on responsibility, great flexibility and pronounced willingness to perform are expected and delivered. Simultaneously, we wish to enjoy our work and find in it, satisfaction, fulfillment, personal recognition and career rewards.
  • Our performance culture is based on mutual trust, encouragement and assistance.
  • The know how and experience of our well trained and highly motivated consultants and other staff is our company's most valuable asset. We consider continuous training and further vocational training to be an opportunity, a task, and our responsibility.
  • We are proud of the great effectiveness of our solutions and the positive image and prestige of the CubeServ corporation and constantly endeavor to reinforce and strengthen further this market perception and position.

Social responsibility

  • We bear the responsibility for our staff and their families – a responsibility we take seriously and ensure consciously and actively. Our families and spouses are particularly important to us – they share the burden our of commitment to the company.
  • We wish to foster a climate that will allow every individual co-worker to take on his or her responsibility for the team, the company, and the customers.
  • We encourage fairness, tolerance, and the equality of opportunities. Our co-workers are all equally important to us and we respect them as individuals.

Transparency and independence

  • Our corporate culture is defined by utmost openness and transparency. Information and communication are to be sought after and delivered.
  • We inform regularly, in due time, extensively, and in detail on the development of CubeServ, the strategy, goals, planning, and most important developments in our company.
  • Hierarchies are flat and transparent. The management team and executive management can always – and not only at the regular employees meetings or appraisal interviews - be contacted in case of any questions or personal concerns.
  • We are financially independent and wish to remain so. Every employee may acquire company shares and thus exercise the rights and duties of a co-owner.

Team spirit

  • We know that team spirit; a common bond and mutual aid and assistance are among our strengths – strengths that we continuously foster.
  • Our families and spouses are always most welcome to participate and contribute

Facts and figures


above-average growth of turn-over and profitability
35 days per consultant annually
SAP Partner Service, SAP BusinessObjects Partner