Change the world

CubeServ is the leading consultant in the field of business intelligence, business performance management, and information management. As a CubeServ consultant, you will have the opportunity to design and implement solutions for several different companies and offer decision-making assistance that bears your personal signature.
Rainer Sigg
Managing Director / Chairman

Fantastic career perspectives.

Create unique business intelligence solutions

State-of-the-art technologies, experienced consultants, demanding projects. At CubeServ, this is only the beginning. When we design unique business intelligence solutions and business processes for key accounts such as Volkswagen, Daimler, Telekom, RWE, or the German Armed Forces, we keep in mind our clients’ possible future requirements in order to ensure sustainable success.

Become part of our success story

A career with CubeServ will allow you to accompany long-term projects and continue to adapt contents accordingly. Become a technology expert with in-depth knowledge on business processes and innovations. You will soon be able to take on management responsibility and use your room to maneuver in order to become part of our success story. We can offer you success participation as well as an outstanding career path – all the way to becoming a member of company management.

Our wake-up call for a successful career as a consultant.

Meet clients and take responsibility

Boring projects, rigid structures, and hardly any new developments – a nightmare for CubeServ! Our consultants expect the contrary. We offer our staff internal coaching. We give them entrepreneurial freedom and foster work on new topics in interdisciplinary teams. You will be fully empowered to meet with clients and to take on the responsibility for various different tasks together with the experts who belong to our network.

Become a technology expert

A network, by the way, that you will become increasingly familiar with thanks to the attendance of our workshops carried out on a regular basis. It is only thanks to the effective exchange of information among one another that we will be able to define extraordinary solutions. With regard to technology, we have a headstart on others, which makes individual successes all the easier to achieve for our consultants.