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People Analytics for more effective HR management

In the area of HR management, urgent issues regularly arise that cannot be resolved purely through HR controlling. Key figures on employee satisfaction do not by themselves indicate why some employees are dissatisfied and what the company can do to improve matters.

People Analytics @CubeServ closes this gap by aggregating all employee data from greatly diverse databases in a central HR Data Hub, making it possible to find reliable concrete answers to key questions in real time. People analytics allows the HR manager to test hypotheses, identify the main factors influencing the values of some KPIs and take concrete measures to effect a change in the desired direction.

People Analytics @CubeServ

To allow key figures from different systems to be used as a basis for decision-making in people analytics, they must be readily available at all times. The HR Data Hub forms the technical basis for this.

It involves the aggregation of real-time data from different sources, be it SAP sources such as ERP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors or external sources, from which data is retrieved via SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI), a tool that is delivered as part of the SAP HANA Platform. SDI enables real-time data replication for a large number of different source systems. With great speed, validity and reliability!

Practical Example

These days, recruiters are facing a great challenge. Finding the right candidates to fill vacancies for skilled and management jobs can be very time-consuming and costly and is often simply impossible. The situation is exacerbated if some employees decide to leave the company because they are dissatisfied or the company generally has a high employee churn. In that situation, head-hunter and agency fees, commission payments and new-hire training drive up expenditure. It must be the objective of any HR manager not to allow such costs to be incurred in the first place.

Why do valuable skilled and management employees leave a company?

To find out, smart HR managers use people analytics. All the relevant data is available in a database. Which data can be used for this purpose? Data such as overtime, pay levels, salary increases, the commute, share options and profit sharing – they can all inform the decision-making.

An examination of the individual factors will quickly point to a small number of key drivers. Using people analytics based on data from the HR Data Hub will help HR managers to find the true reasons for employees handing in their notice and to take action to counter the loss of skills by removing the cause.

Counteracting loss of skills using people analytics

People Analytics Practical Example

This is one of many ways in which HR management can use people analytics to control KPIs more effectively; the applications are many and varied.

Benefits at a Glance

Secure competetive advantages

Know which KPIs can be improved and how before the competition does it.

Reduce HR costs

Ensure effective budget utilisation based on knowledge about the correlations between recruitment, HR development, HR management and pay management.

Work faster

Bundle HR data from different SAP and non-SAP source systems in real time and analyse them – at a glance.

Include soft factors

Thanks to the integration of various source systems, your analysis will be informed not only by hard figures but also by soft factors such as employee satisfaction.


People analytics evaluates aggregated data exclusively with the aim of recognising correlations. There is no possibility of inferences being drawn about individuals.

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