SAP S/4HANA Analytics

With SAP S/4HANA Analytics, you can analyze your transactional data directly from ERP to support decision making – without additional BI systems

Rainer Sigg
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What is SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics?

With SAP S/4HANA Analytics, you can evaluate your transactional data even faster and with better performance. The introduction of your SAP S/4HANA system opens up new possibilities in operational reporting.

The potential here is based on the new SAP ABAP Core Data Service technology (CDS).

With this technology, a virtual data model is placed on top of the persistent data storage layer, which allows high-performance, cross-table data access.

In addition, the virtual data model also enables the extraction of master and transaction data into an SAP BW/4HANA system.

Frequently asked questions about SAP S/4HANA Analytics

SAP S/4HANA simplifies your data structure. Core Data Services (CDS) enable direct access to real-time data and avoid redundant data storage. The CDS view extractors make it possible to transfer data already optimized and directly use the same technological basis as for operational reporting.

The simplified data structure in SAP S/4HANA Analytics enables reporting directly in your transactional systems in real time.
In addition, SAP S/4HANA Analytics allows you to integrate multiple reports together into one view, as well as link multiple reporting layers together.

SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics links analytics functions to your transactions, making your operational data available in real time. The focus of SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics is clearly on operational reporting. The modeling of the reporting data is partially virtual and thus enables lean processes.
SAP BW/4HANA works with standardized data models and with the consolidation of different data sources, which can also go beyond pure ERP systems. The harmonization of this data takes place via the Semantic Layer. The focus of SAP BW/4HANA is more on strategic or tactical analyses and can include redundant data material.

Reporting is integrated into the user’s working environment (SAP Fiori Launchpad). Data can be retrieved in real time without system interruption and offered in a form tailored to the target group. In order to offer the business department greater independence from IT, integrated tools make it possible to create department-specific reports.

Standard reports can be used on the basis of the extensive content. These can also be customized by the key users. Larger adjustments can be made with the support of IT.

CubeServ offers its own workshops specifically for IT and accounting to get started with the topic of SAP S/4HANA Analytics.

In addition, CubeServ offers hands-on workshops for IT on SAP S/4HANA Analytics with the topics modeling and extraction of data into SAP BW.

Operational Analytics – state of the art Reporting

With the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, the areas of reporting and planning can experience a quantum leap. SAP BW on HANA or SAP BW/4HANA is no longer necessary in certain constellations for this purpose.

With operational reporting directly on the SAP S/4HANA system, you can:

SAP S/4HANA Analytics

Optimization of the existing SAP S/4HANA extractors

SAP continues to deliver the familiar standard extractors in the S/4 system. CDS view extractors offer the possibility to transfer data in a more optimized way and to use the same technological basis as for operational reporting. Initialization of the loading is possible without stopping the booking and thus without limiting the operative business.

With CDS View extractors you can:

SAP S/4HANA Analytics out-of-the-box

SAP already delivers predefined virtual data models (VDM) in the SAP S/4HANA system, which provide a good basis for operational reporting. The technological basis for this is multiple nested ABAP CDS views for mapping a multidimensional data model. Filters, prompts and authorizations are also defined in these data models.

With an – analogous to our best practices from the SAP BW environment – optimized content you get:

SAP S/4HANA Analytics

SAP S/4HANA Analytics know how

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