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„The world is spinning faster and faster: customers can no longer or no longer want to continue their long-standing relationship, existing bank balances suddenly become a burden due to negative interest rates … In this market environment, we support our customers with first-class business analytics projects to make better decisions based on real-time data, to develop new services and business models, and to recognize upcoming challenges in time. Standardized reports and analysis are the basis. Working creatively with numbers and their correlations to identify opportunities and risks requires intensive communication, experience from similar situations and fair cooperation: sustainable consulting for business analytics.” Adrian Bourcevet, Chairman

Making relevant data and information usable

We at CubeServ, are specialized in making relevant data and information systematically useable. Our core competency is advising companies on the implementation of sophisticated business analytics projects.

Best-in-Class Standards

We offer value-added premium consulting and high-quality implementation and operational support according to best-in-class standards.

Focus on SAP

By focusing on SAP products, we have comprehensive specialist knowledge, particularly extensive know-how about best practice solutions and, of course, an excellent network and close partnership with SAP.

Growing together

Our mission: to make our customers successful in the long term through strategic information management. We accompany you on this path – starting with value-oriented performance management, a comprehensive BI strategy, to the introduction and operation of appropriate best-practice solutions.

We help customers make better decisions every day, thanks to our experience from over 5’000 analytics projects

Frequently asked questions about Business Analytics

The goal of business analytics is to solve business problems in the entire management cycle of planning, management, and control on the basis of evidence. Evidence is understood to mean well-founded, objective insights into an issue. They are obtained in the course of the business analytics process on the basis of data from a wide variety of areas inside and outside the company using algorithms from the fields of statistics, data mining and machine learning.

The concept of the business analytics platform helps you organize your data so that everyone can use it. It forms the basis for a uniform understanding of the underlying events and processes. We set the stage for you to run your business or organization in a fact-based and successful way. Find out more in our blog post Business Analytics Platform: Agility and Governance.

Both terms are used for similar issues. The difference in the use of the two terms lies mainly in the responsibility for BI applications. The organization and especially the operation of BI solutions were only possible satisfactorily with a high level of specialized know-how. 

The concept of the business analytics platform helps you organize your data so that everyone can use it. It forms the basis for a uniform understanding of the underlying events and processes. We set the stage for you to run your business or organization in a fact-based and successful way. Read more in our blog post Business Analytics Platform: Agility and Governance.

The overarching view of big data, IoT and data warehouse applications is currently one of the major challenges for data-driven companies. The Business Analytics Platform serves as a starting point for joint success, into which a combination of various external data can be inserted in a value-creating manner. Learn more about our approach and our concept for a successful Business Analytics Platform.

Visualize business analytics data quickly and easily with the appropriate front-end products

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud combines BI, advanced and predictive analytics, and planning capabilities in a cloud environment.

SAP Analysis for Office

With SAP Analysis for Office, you can easily perform ad hoc analyses of data from SAP BW and SAP HANA in Excel.

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira combines self-service business intelligence and data visualizations with interactive dashboards and analytics software.

SAP Web Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, WEBI for short, is a web-based tool from SAP for creating and distributing reports.

SAP Crystal Reports

With SAP Crystal Reports, SAP offers a very flexible and powerful tool for creating formatted reports and report books.

SAP Power Designer

PowerDesigner is SAP’s industry-leading data modeling tool. It provides a data model-driven development methodology to support and align business and information technology (IT).

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of business intelligence (BI), reporting and data visualization products and services for individuals and teams.


Tableau is a visualization software and helps analytics teams turn data into insights through analysis and visualization. In addition, Tableau can be operated both in the cloud and on the company’s own server.

Real time access to your business analytics data in the back end


With SAP Business Warehouse, SAP provides one of the leading enterprise data warehousing platforms, which can also be installed on all common database systems.


SAP BW/4HANA was developed specifically for SAP’s own in-memory database SAP HANA and can therefore perfectly exploit all the performance and functional advantages of the HANA database.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

With the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (SAP DWC), SAP offers a cloud solution that enables you to quickly create sophisticated analytics applications according to your needs in an agile way.


With SAP HANA, SAP provides a high-performance in-memory database that enables real-time data-driven decisions and actions while supporting all workloads.

SAP HANA: R-Integration

The majority of companies use advanced analytics with R and SAP tools to forecast future events and make data-driven, well-informed decisions.

Recognize future events and adapt behaviors

Make better decisions with advanced analytics

While traditional business intelligence (BI) analysis tools examine historical data, advanced analytics tools focus on predicting future events and behaviors. They enable what-if analyses to predict the impact of potential changes in companies’ business strategies.

These include techniques such as predictive analytics, data mining, Big Data analytics and location intelligence. These technologies are common across many industries and are used in marketing and healthcare as well as risk management.

CubeServ delivers Business Analytics Software & Templates for your business development

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