SAP Fiori

The new User Experience for SAP Business Solutions
Roland J. Merz
Managing Director / Vice Chairman

The next generation of user surfaces

Fiori is an SAP UI5-based user experience for SAP business applications, with which SAP is launching the next generation of user interfaces. The standard version is delivered with numerous apps included, which customers can enhance according to their specific requirements via so-called extension points. Customers can also develop their own apps from scratch. There are two different development environments available for this purpose: Eclipse and SAP Web IDE.

The purpose of SAP Fiori is to place users’ everyday work at the centre and provide support through straightforward apps that can be customised using Responsive Design. This frequently involves dividing large transactions into individual activities, which can then be made available to users in the Fiori Launchpad through role-based access via tiles, which can comprise both static and dynamic content (e.g. KPIs or charts).

A consistent user experience is ensured through the five Fiori design principles (role-based, responsive, simple, coherent, delightful), manifesting in different so-called floorplans and templates. All of these templates can be used in the cloud-based version of the SAP Web IDE to develop further functionality.

Our Approach

By providing a consistent user experience across the entire company, you will increase user acceptance while simultaneously raising user productivity and reducing training expenditure. 

CubeServ has many years’ experience in the development of ergonomically designed user interfaces. We have proved our competence in connection with SAP Fiori particularly in the development of tools and packages of our own. This has given us a high level of specialist expertise in this area.

Our Offer

Design Thinking
From understanding to testing – we shall be at your side throughout the entire design thinking process.

We enhance the standard SAP applications or develop customer-specific apps to match their individual requirements.

Contact our Expert. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Yu Chen

Passion to build intuitive and intelligent apps, integrate and bring intelligence into the processes. Senior consultant and competence lead for development @ CubeServ AG.

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