SAP BusinessObjects DataServices

For a successfull information and master data management
Eva Kasser
Management Consultant

Tailor-made solutions for a company-wide master data concept

A homogeneous database as well as sound data quality are essential for the long-term functionality and reliability of every data warehouse. Simultaneously, they are a decisive factor with regard to safeguarding the corresponding investments.

Studies and surveys have shown that the improvement of insufficient data quality rapidly leads to cost increases of 8-12% and to increases of 40-60% for service providers. We are convinced that you can save such unnecessary costs.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services makes available to you a state-of-the-art platform for the designing of ETL processes via a graphic user interface. Thanks to work with intuitive tools and standard features, all necessary data flows can be ensured in very short time.


SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services provides an entire series of predefined, easy-to-configure tools. You therefore have the possibility to practice successful and easy-to-learn information and master data management as well as to develop complex data quality assurance scenarios.

Our Approach

CubeServ is the leading provider of SAP BusinessObject portfolio services.
Irrespective of whether you wish to work with SAP BusinessObjects Data Services as a stand-alone product in combination with your existing system landscape or as an integrated tool in combination with an SAP Business Warehouse – together with you, we will define the optimum solution and assist you in designing, implementing and running your solution.

CubeServ is specialized in master data management with SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. We will work out customized solutions for data profiling, doublet recognition, data compilation and correction as well as solutions for process integration into your company master data concept together with you.

Are SAP BusinessObjects Data Services new to you? No problem. Thanks to our starter package, you will not be running any risks and can test all the features of this tool for yourself.

Our Offer

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