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Roland J. Merz
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SAPUI5 - Intuitive User Interfaces

Strategic SAP Front End -Technologie

SAPUI5 is the new strategic frontend technology for developing web-based applications based on HTML5. Responsive design facilitates the flexible optimisation of user interfaces for different device types such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Open Framework

The openness of the framework also allows other web-based APIS, such as Google Maps, to be integrated or reutilised. This means a goodbye to previous common restrictions affecting earlier technologies. Furthermore, the U/I makes branding and theming easy for theme designers without CSS expertise.

Easy Start

Excellent documentation makes the technology very accessible. Standard U/I controls can be configured and viewed directly online. Exporting the resulting coding is a straightforward process.

SAPUI5 als Basis für SAP FIori

By contrast with Web Dynpro, SAPUI5 is intended more for lightweight applications focusing on potential mobile use. The significance of the technology, however, is indicated by the fact that it forms the basis for SAP Fiori – the new user experience under S/4HANA.

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