SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward

Company-wide data profiling
Roland J. Merz
Managing Director / Vice Chairman

Analyse, manage and monitor your data

The SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward is an application for specialized departments and the IT department alike to ensure company-wide profiling, manage meta data, and check data quality continuously.

With the SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward, SAP has merged the products Business Objects Data Insight, Meta Data Management, and Cleansing Package Builder from Data Services.

The data insight component of the Information Steward allows for the analysis of data structures and contents from various different heterogeneous data sources as well as for high data quality assurance thanks to data quality scorecards.

Meta Data Management allows you to define a business glossary and to allocate to technical objects professional definitions and terms, in order to ensure common understanding throughout the company. Furthermore, the influence and origin analysis of characteristics and key figures ensures better transparency with regard to the time and funds invested in changes and new definitions.


The Cleansing Package Builder enables the definition of flash-based web-surface validation and standardization rules that can be used by IT directly during the process of technical data flow design.

Our Approach

CubeServ is the leading vendor of consultation services for the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio. We would take pleasure in supporting you with regard to the analysis of your system landscape and data governance processes in order to identify savings potential and/or potential for the creation of added value thanks to the use of the Information Steward.

Obviously, we are also able to provide you with rapid solutions to urgent data quality issues thanks to the use of SAP BusinessObjects data services and can also advise you with regard to the definition and implementation of processes supported by the SAP Information Steward in order to monitor and ensure enhanced data quality.

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