CubeServ offer a exclusive network of own and external Experts for your project success
Brigitte Dornhofer-Achtschin
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CubeServ offers its customers flexible sourcing options

The core of our sourcing model consists of our own consultant team comprising a staff of some 100 consultants, all experts covering the entire bandwidth of highly specialist knowledge relating to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, SAP Business Objects, SAP HANA, SAP BPM etc.

However, there are times when demand exceeds the services our consultant team can provide, e.g. if a particular subject matter is not covered by our own knowhow or if availability of the required skills is insufficient because the consultants with the relevant expertise are currently engaged on other projects.

CubeServ Multi-Sourcing Network

In those cases, we make use of the expertise and knowhow of selected and experienced external partners, whom we have pooled in an exclusive CubeServ Multi-Sourcing Network. This network consists of highly specialised, hand-picked and personally known partners, who, we are certain, will conduct their projects with the same claim to excellence, quality, professionalism and customer focus as we do ourselves as CubeServ.

CubeServ Multi Sourcing

  • = own CubeServ consultants
  • + selected, highly competent freelancers
  • + specialist partner consultancies
  • + nearshore partners
  • + offshore partners

From premium to standard – only the best in everything

By using this innovative multi-sourcing approach, we are bundling our own strength and competence with those of carefully selected external partners. For our customers, this means a substantial strengthening and greater flexibility with respect to the choice and availability of consultants for onsite and offsite work:

  • Even greater access to specialists and generalists through our exclusive networks involving freelancers and other consultancies
  • 360° expertise and expanded service portfolio, including subject areas where CubeServ previously had no or only limited own knowhow
  • Increased availability of consultants on the odd occasion whene CubeServ cannot supply its services immediately in spite of the existence of the relevant skills at the company
  • Flexible pricing possible through resource utilisation involving shoring partners (near and offshore)

CubeServ quality remains the benchmark in everything

Retaining the high quality standards we have set ourselves is paramount in connection with our multi-sourcing as well. Through the care we take in selecting our external partners we take responsibility for them offering the same levels of quality and experience as our own CubeServ consultants:

  • No anonymous no-name consultants; all consultants from our networks have been hand-picked and are known to us personally.
  • Project responsibility, project management as well as the entire resource management of the external partners within the projects remain with CubeServ.
  • The billing for the work done by the external partners is also always handled via CubeServ.
  • Generally, there is no extra effort and no administrative work involved for you as the customer.

Our Offer

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The benefits of our new multi-sourcing strategy once more in brief