SAP BW Integrated Planning​

Consultancy, implementation in the planning environment
Dirk Keser
Management Consultant

Planning process with "Single Tool of Planning"

Realistic planning scenarios and future-oriented company strategies – these are topics that companies must focus on increasingly today, given the new business models and the harsh competition on the markets.

In order to design planning content and processes optimally, the following critical success factors need to be taken into account:

  • imulation of possible scenarios and their strategic impact
  • High degree of integration into individual partial plans on operational level (budget)
  • Goal-orientation in operational planning and corresponding consistency of strategy cascading
  • Reduction of budgeting depth and corresponding increase of flexibility in operational planning
  • Continuous forecast planning with adaptation of budget responsibility
  • Better integration of planning application
  • Reduction of planning times

Our Approach

In our experience, a planning process can only be illustrated successfully if it is supported by a „single tool of planning“ that assures transparency, traceability and data quality as well as sound processes. In addition, the increasing complexity and dynamics of the corporate environment also need to be modeled appropriately.

In order to design the overall planning process in a company transparently and efficiently, today, the suitable use of integrated planning technology offers outstanding possibilities. What remains decisive for success, however, is efficient implementation.

  • Taking into due consideration the organizational framework conditions and processes
  • Optimum integration and use of the technical components

With BW integrated planning, SAP makes available an extensive and easy-to-use infrastructure for the design and implementation of planning scenarios. This solution comprises the complete integration of planning and BI features with a uniform user interface and design environment as well as a common analysis engine and database.

  • A uniform user interface as well as a uniform process and modeling logic for analysis and planning
  • Uniform and consistent design tools for analysis and planning (e.g. Query Designer, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Microsoft Office, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira)
  • Uniform and consistent database for analysis and planning
  • Web-based modeling environment for planning applications
  • Comfortable and efficient planning (web and Excel)

Weitere Informationen

This newly developed solution uses the SAP HANA platform directly and exclusively and represents its own BI platform.
With SAP Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) SAP offers a state-of-the-art Planning and Consolidation software that meets all your needs with regard to budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting.

Our Offer

It is our goal to illustrate in the system an integrated holistic solution. Thereby, we adhere to the principle of “Think big – start small” and to thus implement, phase-by-phase, integrated planning.

We can thus ensure:

  • A more rapid, flexible, and transparent design of your planning processes
  • A successful system implementation of your planning requirements (“in time” and “in budget”)
  • An efficient running of your planning application

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