The Integration of Big Data in Analytics

With Analytics straight into the middle of development of new services and business models.
Jan Wiesemann

Business Analytics Platform

Big Data-, IoT & Data Warehouse Applications

The comprehensive view of Big Data, IoT and DataWarehouse applications is currently one of the biggest challenges for data-driven companies. Here, the Business Analytics Platform serves as a starting point for joint success, into which a combination of various external data can be inserted to add value.

Our approach for this solution platform is to use the existing investments in high-quality business data – typically we find these in SAP ERP, S/4HANA or BW/4HANA – and find new relationships by combining them with new data types (IoT, texts, images etc.)

Analytics – the heart of the development of new services and business models

Solutions require the creativity of business, data scientists, data stewards and IT experts. New data types are sometimes easier or cheaper to process and/or store in other technologies.

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We lay the foundation for a common understanding in workshops tailored to your needs. In these workshops we build the bridge between the different players and build a strong foundation for future challenges. Afterwards, we support you in developing a customized strategy and roadmap for your company.

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Adrian Bourcevet

Advanced Analytics Expert. Passion to build/run SAP Business Analytics Platform. Bring intelligence in the process. HANA Expert.

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