CubeServ offers an exclusive network of in-house and external experts to ensure a successful project
Brigitte Dornhofer-Achtschin
Senior Expert

CubeServ offers its customer flexible sourcing options

The core of our sourcing model consists of our own team of some 100 consultants, members of our permanent staff, highly specialized experts who cover the entire range of topics relating to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, SAP Business Objects, SAP HANA, SAP BPM etc.
In many cases, however, our own consulting capacity is not sufficient, for instance if our own know-how does not cover a specific topic or where the demand for specific skills exceeds our existing capacity because our consultants are engaged on other projects.

CubeServ Multi-Sourcing Network

For these cases, we call on the expertise and know-how of selected and experienced external partners, whom we have pooled in our exclusive CubeServ Multi-Sourcing Network. This network comprises partners who are highly specialized, hand-picked and personally known and who we know to conduct their projects to the same standards of excellence, quality, professionalism and customer focus as we do at CubeServ.

Sourcing & Delivery Models

Whether premium or standard – only the best

Using this innovative multi-sourcing approach, we bundle our own capacity and competences with those of carefully selected external partners. For our customers, this means a substantial increase in scope and flexibility regarding the selection and availability of consultants for on-site and off-site services.

  • Even greater access to specialists and generalists through our exclusive networks involving freelancers and other consulting companies
  • 360° expertise and an expanded portfolio of services also in areas where CubeServ has had little or no know-how to date
  • Increased availability of consultants in cases where CubeServ cannot offer capacity
    despite the required skills being available in house
  • Flexible pricing possible through use of resources from shoring partners
    (near and offshore).

CubeServ quality remains the benchmark

In connection with multi-sourcing too, consistent upholding of our high quality standards remains of utmost importance. Through our careful selection process, we guarantee that our external partners offer the same levels of quality and experience as our own CubeServ consultants:

  • No anonymous no-name consultants; all the consultants in our networks are hand-picked and personally known to us
  • CubeServ remains in charge of the project responsibility, project management as well as the entire resource management of the external partners in the projects
  • Billing for the external partners’ work is also always handled via CubeServ
  • Overall, there is no extra operational or administrative effort involved for you as the customer

Our Offer

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Advanced Analytics Expert. Passion to build/run SAP Business Analytics Platform. Bring intelligence in the process. HANA Expert.

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