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Out-of-the-box in real time at a fixed price

Financial Planner - out-of-the-box

The Financial Planner offers comprehensive cost center planning directly in your SAP BW system at a fixed price. It can be used to perform comprehensive planning for primary costs, secondary costs as well as statistical key figures and the internal cost allocation.

The Financial Planner will help you avoid wasting time loading data as we have designed it to allow full integration with SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP at the click of a button. The synchronization with the SAP system takes place in real time. You will be able to use both SAP BW/4HANA and SAP BW on HANA for your cost center planning.

Whether you are using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) or SAP Analysis for Office (AfO) – you will be planning intuitively using whichever frontend is most suitable for your planning.

We are offering you our customer-tested Financial Planner as an out-of-the-box tool at a fixed price.

  • Out-of-the-box solution on SAP BW on HANA or SAP BW/4HANA
  • Comprehensive cost center planning functionality: primary/secondary costs, stat. key figures, internal cost allocation
  • Scenario planning: creating and comparing any planning scenario at any time
  • Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and/or SAP Analysis for Office (AfO)
  • Real-time access to transaction data, e.g. actual data from periods that have not yet been closed
  • Automated forecast with AI algorithms
  • Workflow control and commenting
  • Export of finalized planning to Excel and CSV
  • Individual Excel toolbar to control your planning

Primary cost element planning

In the Financial Planner, you start your planning with an overview of the up-to-date actual values of the primary and secondary cost elements. Depending on the system load, you can also obtain live access to actual values.

On the second tab, you perform the planning for a subset of primary costs manually. There are a number of different functions available to assist with the planning. One function allows you to perform a projection for actual costs to the end of the year based on the last period at the click of a button, and comments can be entered for any row and for any year.

The deep integration with the source system is a special highlight. There are buttons to “get plan values”/“send plan values” from/to the source system and “check plan values” – and these actions are all performed in the shortest space of time. All planning activities are logged in the “Action Log”.

Statistical key figures

You can plan the statistical key figures with the same user-friendly look & feel. Whether you are performing the planning using totals or fixed values is irrelevant.

Internal cost allocation

The internal cost allocation also forms part of the Financial Planner. The best course of action here is as follows:

  • Entry of figures “Planleistung” (Planned activity), “Plankapazität” (Plan capacity) and “Tarif fix/var” (Activity price fixed/var.). There is the option of viewing the figures by period.
  • Column “N” will provide a direct overview of the “disponierte Leistung” (Scheduled activity).
  • Once the figures have been entered, the plan values are simply sent to the destination system by the click of a button.

Important pieces of information, such as “Verrechnungskostenart” (Allocation cost element) and “Plantarif” (Plan price), are available directly to assist with the entry of the activity cost data. Once the plan quantities have been entered, the plan amounts will be calculated automatically. The system will also automatically generate the corresponding debit/credit postings.

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To find out more about planning we recommend that you read our quick guide to the topic:

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