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Only comprehensive business content for cost center planning, financial planning and investment planning in the SAP environment
Benedikt Bleyer
Management Consultant

CubeServ Financial Planner - the key to shorter planning cycles

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The CubeServ Financial Planner offers a comprehensive and integrated planning solution in the SAP environment at a fixed price.

The modular structure of CubeServ Financial Planner makes it easy to add further sub-plans, for example:

The CubeServ Financial Planner was developed on the basis of our many years of project experience and best practices in the planning environment in collaboration between CubeServ and Evosight. The pre-developed modules significantly reduce project runtimes, planning cycles and costs.

With CubeServ Financial Planner, all desired modules can be freely selected.

Regardless of whether you are using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) or SAP Analysis for Office (AfO) – you plan intuitively in the front end that is best suited for your planning.


Cost center planning

Integrated cost center planning

The following functionalities are included in the cost center planning:

Primary cost element planning

With CubeServ Financial Planner, you start your planning with an overview of the up-to-date actual values of the primary and secondary cost elements.
Depending on the system load, you are also provided with live access to actual values.

On the second tab, you perform the planning for a subset of primary costs manually. Various functions are available as planning aids.
For example, the last actual period can be updated to the end of the year with a simple click of a button, and comments can be entered for each line and year.

A special highlight is the deep integration with the source system: Using the buttons “get plan values”, “send plan values” as well as “check plan values”, plan values can be loaded from the source system, sent back and checked – and this in the shortest possible time. All planning activities are logged in the “Action Log”.

Statistical key figures

You can also plan statistical key figures with the same user-friendly look and feel. It makes no difference whether you plan totals or fixed values.

Internal cost allocation

The internal cost allocation also forms part of the Financial Planner. The best course of action here is as follows:

In the case of activity input, important information such as “allocation cost element” and “planned tariff” is directly available.
After entering the planned quantities, the planned amounts are calculated automatically. The system also automatically generates the appropriate debit and credit postings.

Financial planning

The Financial Planning module includes the planning types below:

Balance sheet planning

P&L planning

Cash flow planning

P&L planning is the heart of financial planning. If cost center planning is used, there is seamless integration with P&L planning. The results of the investment planning also flow into the financial planning. 
The highlights of financial planning are:

Investment planning

With the investment planning module, you can minimize the risks of your planned investments through exact projections and track the decision to realize investments.

Through the modern user interface, individual investment projects of different asset classes and master data can be easily recorded. Once the investments have been approved, they are integrated into the P&L and balance sheet planning in the form of depreciation, asset additions or changes in value adjustments.

This allows you to simulate the impact of one or more investment(s) on the result of the respective organizational unit.

Investment planning

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