CubeServ Procurement Analytics Cockpit for SAC

Your fast entry into an automated Purchasing Reporting
Yu Chen
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Higher efficiency and effectiveness in purchasing

Does your purchasing department spend too much working time manually preparing report data?

With CubeServ Procurement Cockpit for SAC, you can get started quickly with automated procurement reporting and a rapid return on investment.

Based on best-practice approaches and the experience of past projects, we have developed dashboards and ad-hoc analyses for you that cover an essential part of your purchasing departments’ reporting requirements and allow future extensions (e.g. the addition of controlling or personnel information) at any time.

The process quality of your purchasing department essentially depends on the quality of the information available to it. With the CubeServ Procurement Cockpit for SAC, you always get a quick overview and can immediately analyze noticeable anomalies in detail. This not only improves the quality of your procurement processes, but also has a direct positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Procurement Analytics Dashboards

The dashboards of CubeServ Procurement Cockpit for SAC give you a quick overview of highly aggregated data. If required, you can perform additional detailed analyses in MS Excel. All data is available to you in real time. This is made possible through the use of CDS Views in SAP S/4 HANA or SAP ERP on HANA.

Data extraction is no longer necessary in this case, reporting is done directly on the data in the ERP system. The in-memory technology used in the SAP HANA database gives you high-performance access to the data without affecting operations.

The dashboard has been implemented in SAP Analytics Cloud and can thus be accessed both via web browser and mobile devices, regardless of the viewers’ location. Ad-hoc analysis is performed using SAP Analysis for Office – thus, for the first time, direct interactive ad-hoc analyses on ERP system data in MS Excel are possible. This provides you with a high-quality assessment of potentials and optimization opportunities in the entire purchasing process.

Tell your story with your purchasing expertise: With the SAP Digital Boardroom function, you actively present options for action to decision-makers and directly prove with facts why your strategy recommendation is the right one.


The following functions and dashboards are already included in the cockpit and can be adapted to your needs within a very short time and implemented within a fixed defined budget framework:


Project Experience

Practical project experience from the purchasing reporting system


Includes dashboards, enables ad hoc analysis for key areas of purchasing with several customization options


Provides essential reports for purchasing controlling with a very short implementation timeframe and a fixed budget.

Best Practise Data Model

Provides standard reports in addition to a best practice data model that enables the creation of additional reports and has been optimized for operation and future development.

Return on Investment

Enables high end-user adoption and a very fast return on investment due to rapid deployment and an attractive price.

Our offer

Your purchasing department also wants a quick overview with the CubeServ Procurement Cockpit for SAC?

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