SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (SAP BPC)

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SAP BPC - the powerful planning and consolidation software

With SAP Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) SAP offers a state-of-the-art Planning and Consolidation software that meets all your needs with regard to budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting.

With the Embedded Model of release SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver, SAP is taking a first step towards the long anticipated integration of SAP BPC and SAP BW Integrated Planning (SAP BW-IP).

SAP BPC features a standardized administration tool for Planning and Consolidation. A homogeneous Excel-based user interface is used to generate planning data, to upload or report financial data as well as for reporting for internal and external purposes.

SAP BPC is available either as a SAP BW based or Microsoft SQL based solution, thus enabling the additional utilization of SAP BW reporting and other BW tools (e.g., unified Master data collection and financial reporting data), promoting the integration of your IT systems. Using the Microsoft SQL-based solution enables non-SAP companies to capitalize on the solid and easy to learn SAP consolidation tool.

Comprehensive solution for planning and budgeting with SAP BPC

SAP BPC fully supports top-down and bottom-up planning for financial and operational tasks, to further a smooth and on-time financial closing. SAP BPC enables you to conduct strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, planning consolidation and intuitive and easy reporting.

The implementation cycle can be kept short, because your department will be able to customize the tool according to changing needs, without the hassle of calling in an external consultant. A highly flexible data model and the possibility of accessing legacy systems directly ensure clearly laid-out planning.

You will even be able to add or receive comments for reported or planned data. Using the well-known Microsoft frontend tools facilitates the introduction of this innovative software.

Internal and external reporting with SAP BPC

SAP BPC supports all your processes, thus ensuring integrated internal and external group reporting. Repetitive processes such as reporting data and validations are managed through Business Process Flows (BPF), so no task is forgotten and users will have carried out all necessary steps.

A rule-based consolidation enables you to adapt your consolidation processes to your changing needs. All consolidation tasks such as currency conversion, intercompany elimination, legal consolidation, validations and the like are handled on the basis of these rules. The flexibility offered is unique and certainly one of the most interesting features of this solution. SAP offers a starter kit with predefined rules, making it easier to develop you own rules and to keep implementation cycles short.

Internal and external reporting uses SAP BPC for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Depending on the version (Microsoft- or BW-based) enhanced reporting possibilities through the use of BW or BO reporting is available. The system allows you to run a reconciliation of intercompany accounts before actually consolidating the data, based on group accounts. More detailed invoice-based reconciliation is offered through the use of SAP BO Intercompany.

CubeServ adheres to a comprehensive approach towards software implementation in your company. Together with your team we will analyze your consolidation process in detail, followed by the identification of possible improvements. We will define a blueprint that serves as a basis for our implementation, including the use of the readily available starter kit. We will prepare the documentation, followed by thorough testing and the final go live.

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