Value Driver Tree

Learn how to accelerate your financial planning responsiveness by integrating value driver trees.
Laszlo Szücs
Senior Consultant

Dynamic Planning: How to do it!

Responsiveness in financial planning

According to several studies (Castellina 2017, BARC studies 2015 and 2018), companies need to have to ability to respond to frequent changes in the market situation rapidly, e.g. new competitors enter the market.

Furthermore, there is a need to optimize communication and collaboration in existing planning processes as well as reducing the time and effort spent on them.

Meeting typical challenges of integrated corporate planning

The following document shows how these typical challenges of integrated corporate planning can be successfully mastered by using value driver-based planning. Based on practical experience, it describes in detail, independent of technology, how:

  • A Rapid response to changing market situations can be achieved.
  • More flexibility and better strategy alignment is realized by using driver based planning.
  • IT support reduce time and effort spent on planning processes.

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