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Benedikt Bleyer
Management Consultant

Investment Controlling

Investments are essential for the future viability of a company. They can serve to increase productivity, boost sales or reduce workload and thus personnel costs.

The decision on which investments to make must be carefully considered. If the wrong decisions are made, there is a risk of asset loss due to long-term capital commitment.

Risk potentials exist in particular in the linking of investment controlling with corporate planning and in the control of investment projects after approval.

With the CubeServ investment controlling solutions in exactly these fields

  • investment planning and
  • investment monitoring

investment controlling and the profitability of the company can be improved.

Investment planning

With CubeServ’s investment planning solution, you can minimize the risks of your planned investments through accurate projections and understand the decision to realize investments.

Thanks to the modern user interface, which can be adapted to your wishes, individual investment projects can be entered with different asset classes and master data.

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The approval process is carried out via a customer specific status control.

With the possible integration in a financial planning solution, the integration takes place in the form of depreciation, asset additions or change of value adjustments in the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow planning.

In this way, you can simulate the effect of one or more investments on the result of the respective organizational unit.

Investment planning

Investment monitoring

After approval of investments, investment projects are created in the ERP system.
The CubeServ Investment Cockpit can be used for monitoring.

This allows you to create standardized investment reporting with costs and dates/milestones.

With realtime access to your SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA system – without an SAP BW system – you have an overview of your investment projects at all times. You can see at a glance which projects are currently affected by budget and/or deadline overruns, and can take corrective action in time to approve retrospectively or cancel an investment prematurely.

You will also be able to trace the entire document chain from the investment measure from IM (optional) or from the investment project/PSP element from PS to the asset under construction and finally the capitalized asset.

A drill-down into the source system avoids media breaks.

With the proof of origin, where the link is from the investment measure from IM (optional) or from the investment project/PSP element from PS to the asset under construction and ultimately the capitalized asset, you can better support auditors in terms of faster traceability.
Finally, you can more easily meet external reporting requirements, such as for externally funded projects.

With the user friendly SAC dashboard, alternatively available as an SAP Fiori app, you always have your investment projects in view.

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