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Value-driver-based planning

According to several studies (Castellina 2017, BARC studies 2015 and 2018), it is very important for companies, including those in financial planning, to ensure rapid responsiveness to changes in the market, for example, due to new competitors. Furthermore, there is a need for optimization in communication and collaboration in existing planning processes as well as a need to reduce lead times and resource requirements. In the following document, it is shown how these typical challenges of integrated corporate planning can be successfully mastered through the use of value-driver-based planning. Based on practical experience, it describes in detail, independent of technology, how:
  1. more flexibility and strategy reference through value-driver-based planning,
  2. greater cooperation and integration when defining value drivers, and
  3. short lead times for planning processes through IT support.


Value-driver-based corporate planning as an enabler for dynamic planning: Typical Challenges of Integrated Business Planning
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