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The SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – A New Big (?) Throw (Part 2)

Administration as the beginning of all analysis

In a new empty system there are always some administrative steps to be done first, fortunately in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud there are only a few that absolutely have to be done. Of course, it starts with the user administration.

The creation of new users can be done quite quickly in the Security -> Users area.

And the user is also quickly assigned roles from a fortunately not too long selection list.

In the next step, the previously mentioned concept of Spaces comes into play. One must create one or more Spaces in an empty system, e.g. central or private areas.

These Spaces are assigned shares of the system resources, as well as which users may work in them and which connections this Space may use to data sources.

It is always possible to upload e.g. local CSV files as data sources. But of course a system needs the connection to data sources. In each space odata data sources can be connected. But important are of course the connections to ABAP system or other databases. For this, first of all the central activation of appropriate connection agents is necessary:

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