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CubeServ INSIDE LOOK 03/21

The first quarter is over, we continue to move at a very special time. CubeServ is looking ahead with hope and purpose after a successful 2020. The analytics world continues to spin in the SAP environment, keeping customers on their toes with the following questions, among others: Quo vadis planning in the SAP context:
  • How can the SAP Analytics Cloud be used for planning scenarios?
  • How can existing SAP BPC & SAP BW IP applications be extended and/or replaced?
Healthcare expertise:
  • What added value does VISMEDICA bring to you when setting up your healthcare business analytics solution?
  • Which healthcare-specific requirements does our personnel cost planning cover?
Analytics in the S/4HANA environment:
  • What does SAP offer in the standard?
  • How do I extend it in a meaningful way?
  • How do I embed the new possibilities into a comprehensive analytical platform?
Find our answers and our offer here in Inside Look.


MILESTONES IN PLANNING SAP offers a diverse portfolio of tools for corporate planning. To get started with the current possibilities and deployment scenarios of these tools, we recommend our Planning solutions at a glance webpage. Are you interested in using the strategic planning tool of SAP Analytics Cloud? In addition to a current webinar (video), we also offer a workshop on planning strategy. Our experts will prepare the strategic decision for a planning tool with you and work out your roadmap towards the planning solution that is right for you.
Marco Mauritczat
Benedikt Bleyer and Marco Mauritczat will guide you through this topic.
EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE IN THE HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENT Together with our colleagues from the HR-BI team and the customer UK Bonn, the CubeServ Healthcare team develops an extended version of the personnel cost planning to cover the specific requirements of hospitals even better. Generate added value by implementing and individually extending the VISMEDICA standard content for hospital control. Our expertise supports you in this process. Make the right decisions with healthcare business analytics
Eva Kasser
Dr. Christian Krug
Eva Kasser and Christian Krug will answer your questions.
PROCESS EFFICIENCY WITH SAP S/4HANA ANALYTICS The integration of SAP Analytics Cloud into SAP’s products is progressing in leaps and bounds. In S/4HANA 2020, this will significantly improve the visual representation of information in Embedded Analytics (video SAP). Based on the virtual data model of S/4HANA, real-time data is presented without data replication using stories in the Fiori Launchpad. The tools integrated into Fiori Launchpad provide business departments with improved integration in the report creation process. Key users can perform all steps, from requirements to concept creation to reports. In our workshop series, business departments, as well as IT, get to know the usage scenarios of the tools. Use the possibilities of SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics and benefit from the possibilities of the SAP Analytics Cloud if required.
René Lechtenböhmer
Reynaldo Konrad
Contact René Lechtenböhmer and Reynaldo Konrad on this topic.


The Institute of Finance, Financial Law and Law & Economics at the University of St. Gallen, together with our partner Finance Diagnostics, is conducting a study on the topic of «CFO Strategy in 2020». 2020 presented companies and their CFOs with special challenges. Many market participants suffered enormous performance losses. Others managed to adapt quickly to changing conditions. Invest 8 minutes of your time and take part in this study.
You will receive access to the research results free of charge. If you wish, we will present the results to you personally in an online session. Be curious!



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SAP NOW Switzerland Digital Weeks 13th – 22nd of April We are very pleased that our customer BLS will show how HR in their company is facing modern requirements in the live talk “More insight thanks to Intelligent People Analytics“. Join us in the live studio, on April 14th, at 9 am. SAP BusinessObjects Digital Summit 14th of April, 9 am – 3 pm. Join interactive meetings and attend our presentation on “Business Analytics with an Integrated Platform“. A great opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and share ideas around SAP BusinessObjects and Analytics. And all this for free! See you there! CSC 2021 The SAP Community Event for Business Analytics Due to Corona and with a heavy heart we had to cancel the planned CubeServ Congress in Germany for this year. The personal exchange with our customers is still very important to us. We will keep you informed about the realization of our congress in Zurich, which was supposed to take place in June.
We wish you an interesting and stimulating read and look forward to answering any further questions you may have. Your CubeServ Inside Look editorial team

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Marketing Schweiz
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