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openSAP Podcast – The intelligent personnel planning in the hospital

Podcast by SAP with Johannes Kumpf, Business Development Manager HR Solutions & Daniel Schneider, Management Consultant and Healthcare Expert – both at CubeServ GmbH.

Detailed and reliable personnel planning is more important than ever in times of staff shortages. In this context, business intelligence and data warehousing play an essential role as two forward-looking areas on which CubeServ has already focused for 20 years. Together with Lars Schmidt from SAP, we would like to explain the possibilities of intelligent planning in more detail and thus put another piece in the puzzle towards the Intelligent Hospital. There are many aspects of workforce planning that have their own unique challenges in hospitals, such as service types, hospital consolidation, PpUGV, and PPP-RL. The podcast also talks about the hurdles that need to be overcome and how these tasks can be solved.

This interview is now also available as a podcast of openSAP on Spotify and co. Listen to what Johannes Kumpf and Daniel Schneider have to say about intelligent workforce planning in hospitals in the interview with Lars Schmidt. We are happy about this exciting audio format Waiting Room 4.0 together with SAP.
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