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Transfer data to SAP BW via REST API

Our training video on the REST API interface in ABAP programming shows how you can transfer data from other data sources to the SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and process it there.

SAP Data Hub – 1st introduction

SAP Data Hub ist die Lösung von SAP zur Verwaltung der gesamten heterogenen Unternehmensdaten-Landschaft. SAP Data Hub hilft Anwendern, eine konsolidierte Ansicht zu schaffen, komplexe Datenoperationen flexibel zu steuern, Datenprojekte zu beschleunigen und datengesteuerte Anwendungen leicht zu erstellen. In dieser Blog-¬Serie erklären wir, warum es

CubeServ INSIDE LOOK 2021/12

Are you prepared for change? How you can expand your analytics platform and make greater use of the SAP Analytics Cloud – our experts tell you from the field. Take your first steps with the Data Warehouse Cloud and see for yourself our fully integrated solution for financial and workforce planning.

CubeServ Analysis Office Best Practice-Reporting

Simplification for your reporting With the highly formatted standard reporting for simplified “SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office”, you unify and accelerate your Reporting. You run your reporting with Excel, but struggle with the following problems: High complexity Low performance (capacity limits) Difficulties with multiple use

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