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Data Mesh - Domain Ownership

Support BI Self-Service – Implement the Data Mesh Concept!

How do you leverage the full potential of their data? Networking the various stakeholders is the most promising way to achieve high-quality results with fast, agile work. This is how report recipients become shapers with facts. Data Mesh points the way to collaboration at eye level. You haven’t heard about the Data Mesh concept yet, I’d be happy to give you a brief introduction.


SAP Analytics Outlook 2023

What will 2023 bring to the SAP Analytics landscape? The user experience in the SAP Analytics Cloud will be fundamentally improved and, with the One Data Catalog, the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will establish itself as a central pillar.


Data Culture: How to make better business decisions

Data Culture in Today’s Data-Driven World With the right data culture, you will recognize the best courses of action in your everyday professional life. In doing so, you establish an excellent decision-making process that guides you to the best results, even in stressful situations.The world

Auf dem Weg in die AWS

On the way to the AWS

AWS Cloud: We migrated our 50 systems in 100 days. I’ll give you an introduction here, so you can get to know the AWS Cloud.

graph TBATS Forecast

Advanced Analytics with R: An Overview

In this blog we show how easy it is to use Advanced Analytics functions in R. We focus on different graph types, Regression Analysis with R and Time Series Forecast with R.

R Programming

A Beginner’s Guide to R Programming Language

R programming language is one of the most popular languages when it comes to data science and statistical analysis. This is mainly because R was specifically built for statistical key figures and data analysis. While R was developed in the early 90s, it wasn’t until

Guest lecture at the University of Bamberg

When consulting colleagues go back to university… they often have a presentation on exciting topics from the field in their luggage! So did our team leader René Lechtenböhmer (Alumni of the faculty) and Jan Wiesemann (Predictive Analytics Consultant). Several times a year, the e.V.

data model driven development

Data-Model-Driven-Development with SAP Power Designer

How SAP PowerDesigner supports data model-driven development PowerDesigner is SAP’s industry-leading data modeling tool. It provides a data model-driven development methodology to support and align business and information technology (IT). In this article, we take a look at what SAP PowerDesigner is and how it