SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Solution Manager – a necessary evil?

The SAP Solution Manager is a central SAP application management solution for the overall SAP landscape, including BusinessObjects.
It is the task of the Solution Manager to simplify the implementation, smooth operation, and monitoring of SAP solutions within a company. Consequently, the actual benefits of the SAP Solution Manager are little or unknown in many companies and therefore gravely neglected.

BI Monitoring with the SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Solution Manager comprises the following:

SAP Business Suite implementation and upgrades

The SAP Solution Manager offers content thanks to which you can implement applications more rapidly. Thanks to extensive information and a process-geared implementation concept, you will be able to create a blueprint more rapidly, accelerate configuration, and carry out last preparations. The SAP Solution Manager makes it possible to manage projects efficiently. Thanks to this solution, all trans-component implementations can be monitored effectively.

Change Control Management

The SAP Solution Manager records all IT configuration changes, including the authorization procedure for change requests as well as the implementation of modifications and their subsequent analysis. The solution thus offers permanent stability and the possibility to trace changes and modifications.


The SAP Solution Manager accelerates the preparation and execution of tests. It will provide you with a central point of access to your overall system landscape: You will be able to save test results centrally and to thus also run trans-component tests.

IT and applications support

It is via the integrated SAP Solution Manager service desk that you will be able to manage centrally service tickets, thereby reducing your workload and costs. Central processing will render the work of your support team more efficient.

Cause analysis

SAP Solution Manager diagnosis features allow you to identify, analyze, and solve problems rapidly – even and particularly in heterogeneous environments. This will help to isolate and investigate the causes of general performance bottlenecks as well as exceptional situations. In addition, you will be able to track the activities of the individual users as well as to identify processes and changes in the productive IT landscape. This will accelerate problem-solving and increase significantly the availability of your systems.

Solution Monitoring

The SAP Solution Manager makes it possible to monitor your systems; business processes and interfaces centrally and in real time, thus reducing the administrative work burden. The application management solution will also help you to avoid critical situations. Thanks to automatic notifications, you will be able to react to problems immediately.

Service level management and reporting

The SAP Solution Manager allows for the simple definition of service levels and provides automated reporting for all systems within your solutions landscape. You will be able to put together consolidated reports containing all the information necessary for strategic decision-making.

Service processing

The SAP Solution Manager issues service recommendations and serves as an interface to SAP support services. SAP Safeguarding will help you to identify technical risks in due time. Thanks to SAP Solution Management Optimization, you will be able to make the best of your SAP solutions; SAP Empowering will support management in decision-making.


Several administrative tasks are primarily executed locally, on systems, and can therefore be steered via a central administration console. Workspace administration is a central starting point for this and makes possible uniform access to all SAP technologies.

Our approach

One little step at a time... begin with a small project, e.g. system monitoring, learn to benefit from the system and then really put it to work for you.

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Step by step to additional benefits thanks to the SAP Solution Manager.

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