HR Management

HR management in a period of change

Classic HR management is undergoing change. New entities such as Business Partners, Share Service Centers (HR SSC) and Centers of Excellence (CoE) are emerging. Processes are shared and optimised, and existing jobs titles and professional roles are changing … and the HR IT?

What contribution can the HR application landscape make in providing the best possible support to the organisation and to processes in order to smooth the path to excellence?

Operative process support using ERP software from suppliers such as SAP with modules for payroll and HR management has been a constant in the HR IT landscape for decades. Reports and key figures are (used to be) generated directly from the operative data inventories.

Example of SAP Design Studio mock-up with Hichert® graphic notation and CubeServ add-on for microcharts
Example of analysis of demographic development m/f with flexible choice of future period in Design Studio