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We will ensure outstanding support quality for your business from the Service Desk using dedicated roles and defined response times.
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Your Service Desk

CubeServ offers specific roles matching the different types of support, ensuring implementation of the service model:
Monday – Friday:
Standard Support 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Weekend & bank holidays (optional)
up to 24/7 support via partners

Service Desk Manager

The Service Desk Manager acts as SPOC (Single Point of Contact), taking receipt of all customer queries and tickets, channelling them and forwarding them to the respective experts in 2nd Level Support.

Onsite Application Management Consultant

In the case of Onsite Support, CubeServ provides the customer with the services of experienced generalists who act as intermediaries between the customer’s IT and SAP CCC on the one hand and CubeServ and potential third-party providers on the other.

Customer Care Manager (CCM)

In the case of complex and distributed BW landscapes, the CCM provides additional support as project and escalation manager. The CCM manages the CubeServ consultants working on site and is available for internal meetings, for instance those of the Steering Committee. Outsourcing projects generally involve a CCM.

Response Matrix (Example)

Working together, CubeServ and the customer determine the response times desired by the customer in a matrix, in which the service levels are classed by priority (codes). The response times apply during the agreed operating hours and are defined as the times between receipt of the problem notification or support request from the customer and the initial contact by a dedicated member of the CubeServ Support Team suitably qualified to resolve the issue.
Work on the fault analysis and rectification will start as soon as CubeServ had made its initial contact, but no later than by the end of the response time applicable according to the priority classification of the problem or query. Work on dealing with customer issues will be carried out during the agreed operating hours.

Code 1

Response time: 60 minutes
Critical problem: The service cannot be used.

Code 2

Response time: 2 hours
Major problem: Use of the service is significantly impaired.

Code 3

Response time: 4 hours
Minor problem: Use of the service is not seriously impaired.

Code 4

Response time: 1 day
Service request: This can involve a request for information, a suggestion or a further development.

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