Supply Chain Performance Management

For companies in all branches, it is of tremendous significance that the key indicators of operational business processes always be clear and transparent in order to identify and recognize in due time potential for optimization as well as the necessary measures.

To this effect, the company needs a tool able to visualize intuitively the measured variables and to thus ensure all stakeholders easy access to the information needed. Given the continuous adaptation of the supply chain process, it is also important to choose a new approach, allowing for flexible and timely reaction to new requirements.

For many years now, it has been CubeServ’s Performance Management approach to implement the necessary optimization cycle within the supply chain process.

Promptly compiled and visualized data on all operational business processes serve as the basic foundation for the implementation of this management process.

Implementation of Performance Management on operational level
Benefits of BI tools to process the measured points

In order to keep performance management cycles as short as possible, it is absolutely necessary to automize and make available steering-relevant information in business intelligence or performance management systems. Because the range can reach from information recipient to executing production worker to executive management, it is extremely important that the data be prepared in a high granularity as well as on an aggregated level.

Our approach

It is cooperation with you that we will define the relevant key performance indicators for your company. CubeServ has several years of experience in business intelligence as well as the necessary process and system knowledge in the business environment. In particular, thanks to the definition of measuring points in your supply chain, we can support you with regard to the identification of the necessary data from the system and the feeding of it into the data warehouse.

Our offer

Based on our extensive project experience and supply chain processes specialization, CubeServ can offer you a major advantage: You will not only benefit from our business intelligence know-how but also from our expertise in the field of logistics processes.

With regard to project implementation, this translates into:

  • Shorter project running times
    Thanks to our experienced consultants, running times are reduced during the concept phase as well as the implementation phase.
  • Less investments
    Given the shorter running times, investments in external support can be reduced massively.
  • Optimized analyses
    Support with regard to the definition of key indicators to optimize processes or anticipate future events.

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