CubeServ Analysis Office Best Practice-Reporting

Simplification of your Excel reporting with standard solutions

You work with reports in Microsoft Excel, but face any of the following issues:

  • High level of complexity
  • Poor performance
  • Simultaneous use by different users
  • Differences in versions
  • Difficulties with report distribution
  • Insufficient maintainability / extensibility

CubeServ bietet eine passende Lösung dazu an. Diese umfasst:

  • The SAP-integrated BI tool ”Analysis for Office”
  • Highly formatted reports, created mostly with standard functionality
  • Optional conformity with the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®)
  • Possibilities for efficient execution and customisation, by means of:
    a. Best Practices
    b. Instructions
    c. Templates (flexibly adjustable)
  • Options to centrally distribute these reports to different recipients
  • Improved maintainability, stability and performance.

Improved usability / extensibility with Excel-integrated tools

The offered solutions work directly in the Excel environment that your users already know and are accustomed to. The tools are intuitive in their use, so that your users can understand, apply and extend them after minimal training.

Thanks to the flexibility of Analysis for Office, your users will be able to quickly create new reports based on our templates, and to develop them further, as required.

Advantages of standardisation

By following IBCS Standards, your reports can be simplified, standardised and their layout optimised. Unified and simple notation standards allow for effective layout and communication.

Sample Layouts (illustrated by the example of the ”Sunny Rooms“ hotel chain)

• IBCS-compliant Plan / Actual Comparison Table:

  • Waterfall for profitability calculations:
Flexible emphasis (green): here for cost block ”Personnel Costs”.
  • Time Series Analysis (Comparison of Revenues AC vs. PL):
Grüne Hervorherbung: Kostenblock „Personalkosten“ (flexibel anpassbar).
  • Comparison of Actual vs. Planned Costs:

The advantages of such layouts seem clear:

  • Harmonisation and simplification (standardising reports across departments)
  • Accelerated gathering of information (recognising areas requiring attention)
  • Avoidance of expensive strategic mistakes (creating a solid basis for decisions)
  • Increased comprehensibility (conveying clear messages).


Depending on your requirements, CubeServ offers you different options, with which you can standardise your reporting quickly and easily.

A) Baseline reporting: standardisation of reports with AO functionality (for tables and simple charts)
B) Highly formatted reporting in accordance with IBCS: creation of advanced charts with Graphomate
C) Further customised solutions: special reports, generated with the help of VBA.
     For this option, realisation with the CubeServ Analysis Report Book (VBA) is also possible.


  • SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office 2.3 or higher
  • In order to create charts as in option B), a licence for „Graphomate Charts for Excel“
    is required. The tool is available from our partner as a single-user or bulk licence and easily
    installable as an add-on in Excel.
  • Appropriate backend definitions (queries) for your reports

Our Offering

1. Discussion of your requirements and possibilities with our templates
2. Requirement analysis and plan for implementation
3. Implementation Workshop with the following contents (according to your needs):

a. Adjustment of reports and charts according to specifications
b. User Workshop ”SAP Analysis for Office”“
c. Support of further usage and enhancements

Demo and further examples

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