Business Solutions

Several years of experience and best practice

The ability to design and steer business processes and information management effectively is a core competency of every commercial undertaking. Thanks to the more than 200 projects we implement annually, our customers can benefit from our ability to put into practice their ideas in form of value-creating solutions – reliably, efficiently, and creatively.

Focus is placed primarily on SAP NetWeaver and SAP BusinessObjects technologies that, in combination with our business expertise, are used as the foundation for innovative solutions. As a SAP Special Expertise Partner in various different fields, we are convinced of the evident - and hidden - potential of these technologies.

Innovative solutions and best practices for cost-efficient implementation as well as an entire series of different implementation tools are part of our standard repertoire.

Banking & Insurance

Tailored-to-measure business intelligence solutions allow us to meet compliance requirements as well as to analyze extensively customer relationships.
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Business Information Design

Effectiveness and efficiency standards in reporting and communication.
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Business Intelligence Management

BI Management ensures the steering and management of business intelligence as well as the organizational units involved, including integration into the existing BI environment.
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Business Consolidation

In addition to legal consolidation, the identification of important key indicators as well as of group-wide cash flow are necessary.
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Business Process Management

Business Process Management involves the modeling and documenting as well as the steering of data, e.g. with SAP NetWeaver BPM – as well as the analysis of business processes by means of process dashboards.
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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an elementary mean to ensure customer care and loyalty is and is thus a core issue in the modern business world.
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Performance Management

Efficient and goal-oriented performance management allows companies to focus on value-creating activities – an important building block for corporate success.
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Supply Chain Performance Management

Thanks to key indicators based on operational business procedures, supply chain optimization potential can be recognized in due time.
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