Training / R&D

Value added: know-how and experience

Being a consultant means having the capability to actually give good advice. This requires know-how and experience. But these must not be acquired at the customer’s expense. Research & Development (R&D) as well as training are among the most important tasks of employee development in consultancy companies.

R&D at CubeServ

At CubeServ, this development begins with an R&D process that is given top priority and extensive resources by senior management. Recent examples include the CubeServ R&D projects on SAP Design Studio, SAP HANA and SAP BPC unified, which have attracted a great deal of attention in the D/A/CH region from customers, SAP and other partners and have been very well received. The R&D projects on the SAP Design Studio add-ons from CubeServ even attracted international attention and excellent feedback. Besides these types of projects, which gain attention outside the company, CubeServ conducts R&D projects on all aspects of its offering to determine the viability, useful areas of application, development potential, enhancement requirements as well as competitiveness of the individual concepts and tools.

Training at CubeServ

The R&D results are passed on to the entire consultant team through group-wide, regional and individual measures including workshops, training projects, courses as well as internal and external certification. Each year, CubeServ invests several thousand consultant days into training. Like R&D, training is also given highest priority, and the training management is directed from board level.