System Operation

SAP System Management

Management within an SAP system landscape involves powerful tools for monitoring and managing the systems.  We have acquired our competencies in SAP system operation from numerous customer projects, the operation of on-premise and cloud customer systems as well as the operation of our own system landscape:

  • SAP Solution Manager / Solution Manager Diagnostics
  • SAP BusinessObjects Monitoring
  • Database and Network Monitoring
  • BW Technical Content
  • CubeServ BI Statistics

Operating 24/7 around the world in all time zones. Where do you get the time for maintaining the hardware/operating system/database/kernel and SAP software? With well organised system management, application downtime can be reduced and enduser acceptance increased. Separating the BASIS teams from the application teams is a serious mistake in the experience of CubeServ Technologies. Only by working together can success be ensured. This is not what happens in most cases of outsourcing, as the SLA does not specify the operability of the application, but system availability.  But when does a system actually become available?

New standard SAP tools allow genuine END TO END monitoring to be defined and all parts of the application to be “monitored”. Defined processes in the event of malfunctions minimise downtime. Clean system management is the cornerstone of every SAP system. Who would build a house on an unstable foundation that is left to crumble? CubeServ Technologies will support you in building a stable foundation and check this regularly for deficiencies. Rectifying malfunctions before they affect system performance is our most important objective in this area.

Updates, Upgrades

SAP upgrades are still highly complex projects, which require a great deal of experience and accurate planning. Our technical knowhow for SAP upgrades covers the following:

  • SAP release change: technical support, project planning and execution
  • Importing SAP kernel patches
  • Importing SAP add-ons
  • Importing Support Packages and Support Package Stacks (SPS)
  • Importing Java patches
  • DB upgrades, DB patching
  • SAP BusinessObjects upgrade

Backup / Restore

Consistent backup is one of the special challenges in evolving and heterogeneous SAP system landscapes. Particularly if an SAP Hana system or a BWA is involved, an efficient backup/restore strategy can easily become very challenging. Our competences for backup strategies:

  • Devising backup/restore concepts in the SAP environment
  • Specialist onsite support in emergency scenarios (= restore SAP systems)
  • Selection of backup software
  • Monitoring backups


CubeServ currently operates over 50 SAP systems internally, including systems for test and demo purposes, productive customer systems as well as the company’s own SAP systems. CubeServ services:

  • Managing the operation of customer SAP systems
  • Joint definition of SLAs
  • SAP customer hotline
  • Change and Incident Management (ITIL)

CubeServ Hosting Services

Thanks to many years of experience in operating extensive SAP landscapes with high levels of availability, we know the environment and the circumstances of system operation very well. CubeServ Technologies therefore offers the following packages: 

CubeServ Cloud
  • The latest SAP release for customers / developers / freelancers
  • Why manage the operation yourself if others can do it better
Demo systems for your operation
  • Test the latest trends before potentially making the wrong decision
BWA and HANA Roadshow
  • BWA and HANA live at your company with your data in your environment
 And much besides
  • Testing upgrades of your data on our systems
  • Testing migrations
  • Test settings for POC

We can therefore offer you attractive, freely definable solutions from the cloud to SAAS to outsourcing. Our solutions are covered by clearly worded agreements and can be combined to form a convenient “all-inclusive” package. Thanks to support from a motivated team, longterm collaboration is ensured. We are there for you wherever you are located, speaking your language.

SAP Solution Manager

SAP is increasingly placing the SAP Solution Manager at the centre of the SAP landscape. Unfortunately, customers still often rather neglect it. We offer expertise for the following:

  • Installation of SAP Solution Manager
  • Integration of SAP Solution Manager into existing SAP landscape
  • Demonstrating potential of using the SAP Solution Manager to the customer
  • Customizing the SAP Solution Manager to suit customer requirements
  • Operating the SAP Solution Manager on behalf of the customer
  • BW / BI monitoring in the Solution Manager