Infrastructure Strategy

There are various ways to configure the SAP infrastructure for a company. Depending on the circumstances and the objectives, the correct choices must be made in this area:

  • Cloud (Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service)
  • Virtualisation
  • Mobility Infrastructure
  • System Complexity Management
  • BWA / HANA Infrastructure

Cloud / Virtualisation / Partitioning

These buzzwords have also entered the SAP environment. How can you optimise your SAP system landscape with the new technologies and achieve greater flexibility than ever before? How can fail-safe solutions be implemented and utilized to full advantage in order to massively lower TCO?

CubeServ Technologies has achieved impressive reductions in complexity and increases in performance in numerous projects. On the back of the experiences gained from our extensive customer base you can be confident that we will be able to deploy the various technologies to best effect to suit your requirements.

Increasing system requirements

It can easily happen for a POC to turn from a provisional into a permanent solution, going into productive operation after a few weeks or months. Increasing requirements call for specialist expertise to ensure that any changes to existing environments are introduced into the day-to-day operation smoothly and without unduly affecting application performance. Use of new technologies, such as BWA/Explorer/HANA , is the order of the day.

CubeServ Technologies is well versed in all “major” BASIS technologies and able to demonstrate these live in various configurations before the actual GA. CubeServ’s work in assisting renowned ramp-up customers adds to the company’s experience with the new products and ensures that you will make the right technology decisions at a very early stage.

SAP ramp-up support

Participating in a ramp-up is very time-consuming and requires experience in dealing with unfamiliar problems as well. This is where we can provide support to you:

  • Sharing experiences from CubeServ involvement in ramp-up projects
  • Performing and assisting with ramp-ups at customers


Effective and future-proof sizing of new and existing SAP components requires experience in the utilised technologies and their operation:

  • SAP hardware sizing
  • SAP component sizing parameters
  • Cooperation with hardware partners