CubeServ cannot make decisions for you ...

... but
                    CubeServ AG (Switzerland),
                    CubeServ GmbH (Germany),
                    CubeServ GmbH (Austria),
                    CubeServ d.o.o. (Croatia) and
                    CubeServ Technologies AG (Switzerland)
                                       ... will help you to make the right decisions.

CubeServ Mission

  • Our objectives have only one purpose: to enable our customers to achieve lasting and sustainable success through Strategic Information Management and the use of Business Intelligence.
  • We support you all along the way: starting off with value-based Performance Management consulting followed by a cohesive BI strategy and the implementation and operation of appropriate BI solutions.
  • As the content and technological market leader, CubeServ sets market standards and offers added value, premium consultancy services as well as high quality implementation and operational support according to best-in-class benchmarks.
  • Thanks to its focus on SAP products, CubeServ possesses a holistic business approach, process and technical expertise and best-practice know-how as well as excellent contacts to SAP.

CubeServ Strategy

  • We are premium consultants for successful strategic information management
  • Above-average innovation skills and utmost commitment to goal achievement
  • Long-term customer loyalty thanks to outstanding consultancy services and content market leadership
  • Above-average staff loyalty thanks to exemplary talent management and extraordinary career perspectives
  • Highly motivated and experienced consultants
  • Single-source supplier of strategic and management consultancy services, concept and processadvice, solution implementation and taking into operation
  • Implementation of SAP-products-based projects
  • Continuous growth, despite difficult market situation, and sustainable profitability