SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

The SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio provides an important strategic frontend solution. In addition to the “SAP Dashboards” product, which has been available for some time, the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio offers a powerful and scalable development environment in the area of SAP Business Intelligence. It allows sophisticated BI applications to be made available to users via the ergonomic HTML5 output technology. At the same time, it greatly facilitates the provision of device-independent mobile applications.

For SAP BW and SAP HANA customers, the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is the recommended successor product to the existing dashboard solutions (SAP BEx Web Application Designer, SAP Dashboards). Thankfully, the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio licence is included in existing SAP Dashboard licences. The development environment offers scalable approaches, which will also be capable of addressing future requirements in the area of SAP Business Intelligence. Report developers can access a variety of flexible application components and enhance these with customer-specific business logic, e.g.:

  • Crosstabs
  • HTML Grid (for formatted tables)
  • Diagrams
  • Standard navigation and filter components
  • Geo Maps


  • Intuitive “WYSIWYG” development environment
  • Optimised output for WEB and mobile devices
  • Rapid deployment on iPad via QR code
  • Interaction with “Analysis” tool
  • Powerful script editor
  • Integration with SAP Life Cycle Management and authorisation concept
  • No additional licensing required if SAP Dashboards licences are available
  • Supports SAP BW & HANA-specific services
  • Operation compatible with BEx Queries, InfoCubes and HANA views
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) from Rel. 1.2
  • HTML5 UI technology


Rel. 1.1 has been available since 06.06.2013. New features:

  • SAP NetWeaver / SAP HANA deployment
  • Interface between Design Studio and SAP Analysis Office
  • Support for iPad as output device
  • Numerous enhancements in the Chart Engine
  • Use of BEx variables through variables popup
  • Enhancements of the script component
  • Support of own stylesheets for formatting 

Rel. 1.2, which has been announced for Q3/Q4 2013, will make available the customer SDK for creating customer-specific components amongst other new features.

Workshop Offer

The solution is available, the licences are included in previously purchased SAP Dashboards licences, and there is a demand for a user-friendly frontend tool. The first PoCs realised for our customers have shown a high level of user acceptance with respect to the solution. We shall be happy to demonstrate the possibilities it offers either in the course of a custom-designed workshop or with a proof of concept.

Workshop contents

  • SAP Dashboards and Analysis Roadmap
  • Scope of application and recommendations
  • Devices: notebook, browser, mobile
  • Backend integration: SAP HANA, SAP BW
  • Tables, charts, formatting/CSS
  • Portal and application integration, for instance with CubeServ Reporting Framework and SAP Mobile BI
  • SDK
  • graphomate add-on / SUCCESS reporting

We shall be happy to discuss the detailed requirements, duration and scope of the workshop with you.

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