SAP Business Explorer Suite (BEx)

Classic reporting with SAP BW

SAP Business Explorer Suite is a classic SAP BW front-end that offers a series of tools to visualize business intelligence information.

The in-depth and comprehensive integration into the SAP Business Intelligence architecture as well as the native provision of SAP BW features are worth highlighting.

SAP BEx Suite is a popular product that offers extensive reporting possibilities, spanning tasks from the native integration into MS-Excel to the provision of comprehensive and powerful WebReporting features. SAP BEx Suite offers various different efficient approaches, including a time- or result-geared automatic generating of reports.

Our approach

As a SAP partner of long standing, CubeServ has extensive knowledge of SAP BW as well as the necessary know-how to design a professional reporting architecture in the SAP BI environment.

Thanks to the use of standard SAP components in combination with complementary development technologies, CubeServ offers powerful solutions in all disciplines for the establishment of reports and report journals.

Thanks to their SAP standard reporting competence, experienced CubeServ consultants will be able to support you strategically and operationally with regard to the integration of new BusinessObjects technologies into your SAP BW system.

Architecture: SAP BEx and SAP BusinessObjects
SAP BEx Analyzer – reporting with MS Excel
SAP BEx web – Georeporting

Our offer

CubeServ offers consultancy services in all fields of the SAP Business Explorer Suite.
Amongst others:

  • OLAP reporting with the BExAnalyzer with MS-Excel
  • Web reports with the BEx WebApplication Designer

In addition to supporting all SAP BEx Suite features, CubeServ also offers more extensive consultancy services, e.g. regarding integration into planning and consolidation as well as enterprise data warehouse architectures.
CubeServ shares with its customers best practices in the field of SAP NetWeaver BW reporting – and this, throughout the entire project life cycle, from design to productive operation.


Thanks to the implementation of hundreds of SAP BW projects, CubeServ has gained the necessary competence and experience to provide customers with comprehensive consultancy services. Prior to the integration of BusinessObjects, CubeServ primarily worked with the SAP BusinessExplorer Suite as the main BI reporting front-end tool. Consequently, we have extensive knowledge and references in all fields of use of the SAP BEx Toolsuite.