CubeServ SAC Workshop for Planning

Best Practices for building your SAC planning applications – with CubeServ


  • Introduction and recap key information of preparation call (30 min)
  • Overview SAP Analytics (30 min)
  • Basics SAP Analytics Cloud planning (1h)
  • Hands-On Workshop: (4h)
    • Build a planning model
    • Fundamentals of SAC analytical applications
    • Build your first SAC analytical applications
  • Overview CubeServ SAC Design Template (30 min)
  • Overview CubeServ Financial planner SAC only edition (1 h)
  • Discussion of next steps: Fit & Gap Best Practices and Customer requirements (30 min)

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Sebastian Zick

Advanced Analytics Expert. Passion for Cloud Services. Bring intelligence in the process. MD @ CubeServ

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Virtual | 8 hours or 2 x 4 hours