SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded Model

The Innovative Planning Suite

With SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver, SAP have succeeded in moving towards a coherent planning suite, which combines the advantages of BW-integrated planning, SAP HANA and SAP BPC.

SAP BPC 10.1 is available as a pure NetWeaver version and offers a Standard as well as the new Embedded model. While the Standard Model does not differ from the BPC 10.0 for NetWeaver, the Embedded model provides a planning suite that is based technologically on SAP BW 7.40 with SAP HANA and combines the planning components SAP BW Integrated Planning and SAP BPC.

The distinguishing features and functionalities offered by BPC 10.1 Embedded include the following:

  • Use of the SAP HANA functionalities, thus safeguarding the SAP HANA performance through the Planning Application Kit. This allows certain planning functions (such as copy, distribute, etc.) also to be performed directly in SAP HANA.
  • Rather than using InfoProviders in a separate BW namespace, use of the real-time InfoProviders and aggregations levels of the BW-IP
  • Use of SAP BW Queries, which can be executed directly in the SAP EPM add-in for Microsoft Office
  • Provision of audit functionalities and use of the business process flow for process support

Currently, the Embedded Model does not yet support all the familiar functions of SAP BPC 10.0, such as the consolidation functions. To be able to use those under SAP BPC 10.1 NetWeaver as well, the so-called Standard model can be reverted to. That ensures that all the functionalities users are familiar with are also available under BPC 10.1.

SAP BPC 10.1 – architecture
SAP BPC 10.1 – data model involving use of Business Content
SAP BPC 10.1 – Web Client
SAP BPC 10.1 – EPM add-in

Highlights of SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded

  • State-of-the-art user interface and comprehensive process support
  • Ability to use numerous convenient and user-friendly frontend tools in parallel
  • Full integration with SAP BW
  • Possibility of including existing BW-IP planning applications in the SAP BPC
  • Ready for immediate use: no migration of BW-IP components required
  • Boost to performance thanks to SAP HANA
  • BPC “Embedded” entails deep HANA integration and optimisation in all areas
  • Close integration with SAP ERP
  • Mapping of comprehensive simulation scenarios possible

BPC “Embedded” combines the advantages of a strong, efficient, high-performance planning “engine” (BW, BW-IP, HANA) with the strengths of a flexible and process-oriented planning tool (BPC).

Our Offer

To allow customers to learn about the benefits and the scope of application of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver, we offer the following services amongst others:

To gain a first insight: Workshop «BPC 10.1 Embedded – the Innovative Planning Suite»
In the course of a workshop, we explain the functions and the operation of SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded. We provide an evaluation of the software solution at the same time.
Working directly in the system, we can demonstrate examples illustrating the performance capability of SAP BPC 10.1.

To safeguard your investment: Proof of Concept
We produce a proof of concept based on your requirements for planning applications. This POC can be limited purely to statements and recommendations based on our expertise. But upon request, we can also implement your requirements directly in the system in the form of a prototype to illustrate the capability of SAP BPC 10.1.
Should you have several software solutions under consideration, a tool evaluation can be performed as well upon request. This will inform your decision-making and provide a solid basis for investment decisions.

Support for your project activities: comprehensive consultancy service
Innumerable planning projects have allowed us to gain a wealth of experience that we would be glad to make available to you in the form of advice on best practice. Besides modelling aspects and naming conventions, this also includes aspects of optimum process implementation.

We shall be glad to assist you throughout your project, from project initiation to operational and technical concept design to integration and acceptance tests, as well as provide subsequent go-live support.

If so, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. We can then organise a date for a presentation and discuss your individual requirements.