System Introduction

SAP installation preparation

The diversity of the SAP components available these days requires detailed knowledge of the different installation requirements to ensure that the right choice is made. We offer comprehensive support with the following, amongst other areas:

  • SAP software component selection
  • Supply of complete software incl. all required patches
  • Checking the respective installation requirements with respect to:
    • hardware
    • operating system
    • database
    • software

SAP Installation

The SAP installation process needs to be planned and implemented to optimum effect based on the fundamental decisions regarding the architecture:

  • Assisting with the SAP installation process on site using the appropriate SAP tools
  • Error analysis and rectification during the course of the installation
  • Performing technical post-installation optimisation work

SAP Configuration

There are different scenarios in which an adjustment of the technical parameters of an SAP system becomes necessary. We know what is required in detail:

  • Adjusting DB parameters
  • Adjusting SAP profile parameters
  • Importing SAP Notes
  • Configuring the connection to the BWA
  • Setting up RFC connections
  • SAP portal connection


The go-live process is always a critical phase during SAP implementation and upgrade projects, for which special knowhow is required. From experience, we offer the following support services:

  • Technical support during go-live process
  • Training SAP Basis customer teams on new technology components (e.g. Linux, SAP HANA, …)
  • Support with test management
  • Performance analyses and tuning measures

System group

Particularly in the environment of SAP NetWeaver, HANA and BusinessObjects, there is a great variety of interface systems, which increases administration complexity. Especially the different types of connection can throw up problems:

  • SAP connections for RFC, Web Services, GateWay oData, OLAP connections, …
  • Non-SAP connections
  • Management of connection certificates
  • Single Sign-On and Active Directory Integration

Portal Integration

The SAP Portal and BusinessObjects Enterprise are frequently central access points to greatly diverse SAP applications, which can involve various complex configurations:

  • Connection of SAP Business Suite to SAP Portal
  • Integration of BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) with SAP Portal
  • Setting up transport systems (e.g. CTS+ for portals)
  • Integration with MS SharePoint or other portals / CMS systems