Operational analysis

Within the processes of the internal SAP Basis Support there is often some optimisation potential to be identified and utilised. We know where to look for the hidden potential:

  • Analysis of SAP Basis Support processes
    • Operating processes (e.g. transport management)
    • Tools used
    • Hardware capacity
    • Basis training
    • Checking backup/restore
    • Virtualisation

Performance analysis and system review

Very frequently, customers ask for a neutral, objective assessment of the overall condition of their SAP systems. In response to these requests, we offer individual SAP Basis checks upon request:

  • SAP Basis check
    • Operating system
    • Database
    • Basis parameters
    • Application performance
    • SAP performance optimisation
      • H/W sizing
      • Server process distribution
      • Upgrade check

System consolidation

The development of corporate and group structures frequently entails the consolidation of several SAP systems and/or clients. CubeServ provides support with the following:

  • Checking the consolidation options (e.g. portal, java stack, …)
  • Technical support for the consolidation/splitting of ERP systems/clients

OS/DB and Unicode migration

The topic of database and operating system migration is very much at the forefront for many customers at this point in time, particularly if they consider the use of SAP HANA. Typical technical topics relating to migration include:

  • Operating system migration
  • Database migration
  • Unicode migration