SAP Housekeeping Jobs

Keeping SAP systems up and running

  • The largest table in my SAP BW is a typical BW table.
  • The existing hardware will be adequate for months to come.
  • Performance is no problem thanks to proactive monitoring.
  • The disk space requirement only grows when new applications are developed.
  • Accessing the request overview in an InfoCube is as quick as on day one.
  • I know by 7 am whether all data loads have run.
  • I find out about inconsistent data inventories before the operating department complains about them.
  • Our system processes both small and large data volumes within appropriate times.
  • SAP BW Technical Content is in use.

Can you concur with these statements?

Is there anybody who likes performing household chores? But as is the case at home, performing housekeeping within the systems contributes to the general wellbeing in the company. You will need to put in less work at night and at weekends, the users are happy, and upper management is pleased about the careful use of resources.

There are numerous ways of managing the SAP systems. Be they manual or automated processes, self-developed solutions, third-party tools or standard solutions supplied by SAP. The mobile solution for the SAP Solution Manager allows you to leave your desk despite being on hotline duty and gives you the means of managing the systems at any time from wherever you are.

Our offer

On the back of over 20 years’ experience, we can develop efficient processes in collaboration with you so that you will be able to concur with all the statements listed above in full. The cornerstones will include extensive use of the SAP Solution Manager as well as of the BI Statistics, an optimised version of the Technical Content. Unnecessary hardware additions are a thing of the past. Furthermore, it will become apparent whether the systems are ready for impending release changes or for the migration to SAP HANA. As a first step, we recommend a 2-3 day workshop.

Workshop contents (sample agenda)

  • Joint definition of objectives
  • Assessment of current situation
  • Checking most important tables
  • Is the Solution Manager being used? If so, how?
  • Is the Technical Content being used?
  • Readiness for release change
  • Readiness for SAP HANA
  • Final report and recommendations for further steps

During the next step, the analysis can be extended to the entire application using the CubeServ BW Review.