Enterprise Portal

CubeServ offers professional advice with regard to portal projects – from design and installation to implementation and operation. The Enterprise Portal ensures central access to heterogeneous applications and comprises all information and tools required by the company. Applications such as SAP BW, SAP BusinessObjects, R/3, Business One, Outlook and many more can thus be integrated into the central portal. Users can be notified, problematic issues analyzed and queries addressed – without having to exit the portal. The Enterprise Portal offers powerful features such as knowledge management and collaboration, i.e. features supporting cooperation within the company as well as external cooperation.

Features – managing the portal infrastructure

The Enterprise Portal will allow you to implement a large number of predefined portal contents. Thanks to the combination of SAP know-how and practical user roles, you will be able to develop interfaces for specific tasks or branch-specific processes. Easy-to-use, web-based tools make individual adaptations as well as expanding upon the portal contents possible. For you, this means maximum benefit at minimum expenditures. For users, this means a portal interface allowing for seamless work with various different systems.

The SAP Enterprise Portal offers you...

... sophisticated content management features, versions management, the searching and classification of information, trans-company cooperation, notification and interfaces to popular content management tools.

Business Intelligence – added value thanks to an intelligent portal solution

A company portal obviously must supply all business-relevant information – which is why mySAP Business Intelligence, SAP’s analytical data warehousing solution, is integrated into the Enterprise Portal.

This leading business intelligence solution prepares the portal for rapid, extensive, and user-friendly analysis features. mySAP Business Intelligence puts state-of-the-art unification and drag & relate features to use. The result is a new dimension of cooperation allowing for data from various different sources to be accessed rapidly and combined.

Example of the Enterprise Portal with an integrated BW-BPS system

Example of the Enterprise Portal with an integrated Exchange server

Diagram of connections of the Enterprise Portal to SAP systems

Safe network architecture: within a DMZ, a web server will be positioned before the portal server

Overview of key functions – features and benefits


Immediate response to queries thanks to the drag & relate technology.

Business Intelligence

Immediate integration of mySAP Business Intelligence and corresponding access to powerful data warehousing, reporting and analysis features as well as to predefined contents. Added value thanks to personalized distribution features and the possibility to ensure trans-company cooperation.

Knowledge management

Knowledge management involves the administration and management of unstructured information – from the common production of text and its publication to extensive features such as search and navigation functions in existing portal-based data sets.

Business packages

Immediate value creation thanks to the preparation of role-specific portal contents. Rapid solving of problems thanks to the integration and combination of information, applications, and services.

Open solutions

Complete solution openness, ensuring the integration of practically any SAP or third-party-vendor production, information source, or web content – irrespective of the device or the format.

Open standards

Interfaces for Java and Microsoft .NET to support XML, web services, SOAP, UDDI and WSDL. Support of safety standards such as LDAP, Active Directory Services, SSL, PKI, and X.509 SOAP.

Single sign-on

Only one registration necessary to access all company systems subject to authorization. Does away with the necessity to register several times and remember various different passwords.


Powerful safety features, amongst them, extensive support of LDAP, digital certificates, and the HTTPS-based SSL protocol. Safety with regard to user identification, the allocation of access rights and data exchange.


Simultaneous remote access to mySAP Enterprise portal by thousands of users possible. Extensive scalability thanks to the platform-neutral multi-server architecture.


Comprehensive web-based administration, without the necessity of having to install tools locally. Server configuration tools for a rapid installation.

Access options

Access via web browser, mobile end device or PDA possible – irrespective of the place or the time.

Enterprise Portal safety features

  • Authentification – confirms the identity of the user who registered with his or her user name and password.
  • Digital X.509 certificates as well as external authentification services are used.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) – ensures access to various different data sources and applications without the necessity to enter your user name or password several times.
  • Authorization – assigns function-specific content and features to users and thereby ensures the verification of unstructured information supplied by a central portal administrator.
  • Safe communication – encoded to protect all communication between users, portal components, and business applications thanks to the use of safety standards such as the SSL (secure sockets layer) protocol or the GSS-API (generic security services) interface.
  • Integrated user administration – works with directories containing user information in order to ensure universal and seamless security.