CubeServ Master Data Editor

Flexible input option for in the Web
Adrian Bourcevet

Easy master data maintenance for end users

With the increasing importance of Business Intelligence Applications and their integration into operational systems there is a growing need to maintain master data directly in SAP BW. Attributes or even texts which are not provided by source applications require direct editing in SAP BW.

Also planning often needs changed or new master data. As SAP BW has been developped primarily as a reporting system no suitable user interface is available for master data maintenance.

Our package CubeServ Master Data Editor provides easy and flexible editing of master data in the Web. Customizing tables control which objects may be maintained. For each attribute you can define, whether it can be changed or will be displayed, search dialogue and default values can be customized, too.

Multiple changes and export / import functions enable mass maintenance. Analysis authorizations are used to control access rights.

Easy deployment

CubeServ Master Data Editor can be imported into your SAP Business Warehouse by transport file and can be used immediately after making a few customizing settings.

System requirements:

  • SAP Business Warehouse 7.0 or higher (ABAP Stack)
  • Web Access (ABAP Web Dynpro)
  • Compatible with SAP BW on HANA

Features & Functions

  • Web Maintenance of master data / info objects in SAP BW
  • Mass changes by Import / Export functions (Tabstop separated TXT files in UTF8-Format)
  • Generic ABAP Web-Dynpro application for any type of info objects (multi-language)
  • Complete Customizing with parameters maintained in tables, even for actvation and change run
  • Search functions, default values and sequence of objects can be customized individually
  • Analysis Authorizations can be used to grant access rights and protect sensitive data
  • Enhancements by predefined BADI interfaces (for example customer specific validations)
  • Parameters can be set directly in the URL

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