Customer Service Management

Support should not only be in charge of ensuring continuous maintenance but should also ensure the continuous improvement and optimization of the system. All this should always be based on a defined ITIL-based implementation process. CubeServ has worked out a special customer care concept for SAP BW applications that comprises all the significant characteristics of continuous improvement and optimization.

Customer care concept

CubeServ ensures a single point of contact (SPOC) by means of an onsite application management consultant or, in the case of simple remote support service levels, a service desk manager. In addition to the direct handling of company themes on site, the consultant will bundle and channel topics that, amongst others belong to the field of SAP Basis or SAP ERP. In addition to the usual operational support, the following goals are also pursued:

  • Continuous improvement of technical adjustments to the system
  • Continuous monitoring of data quality
  • Continuous optimization of performance
  • Continuous monitoring of all system parameter
  • Continuous provision of statistics on response and solution times