Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ensures good customer relationships and customer loyalty mean and is thus a core issue for every company. CRM involves defining customer relationships and achieving long term customer loyalty as well as identifying room for improvement and new potential. CRM is thus an integral part of marketing.

A central and harmonized database comprising all details of customer relationships should serve as the basis for every decision. Only if this data is evaluated in a well-targeted and systematic manner, will you obtain all relevant information on your customers and their individual preferences and requirements. The results of these analyses will allow you to define those services required and to define the corresponding procedures.

CRM Dashboard

Analytic CRM involves obtaining precisely such relevant information. The use of a data warehouse system as well as OLAP and data mining tools allows you to analyze the central customer data basis, to recognize patterns, and to make decisions based on this in order to guide the next purchasing decision your customer will make.

Our approach

We help you to plan, design and implement an analytic SAP customer relationship system as well as to integrate it smoothly into the SAP Business Warehouse. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as SAP BusinessObjects Data Services and SAP BusinessObjects Suite, we can offer a series of different evaluation and analysis possibilities, e.g. potential and risk analyses, ABC or customer value investigations, or an evaluation of the „Customer Life Time Value“ (CLTV).
The Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) is the discounted profitability of a customer throughout the entire duration of the customer relationship. The CLTV illustrates the current cash value of a customer by providing information on the sum of future income, until the end of the customer relationship, with the discounting of the future profits, as per the current point in time. Thanks to CLTV, a key indicator, based on the future development of the assets per customer, can be provided. CLTV can, amongst others, support the following decisions:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Strategic cooperations
  • Strategic and operational marketing decisions and control mechanisms
  • Strategic and operational sales decisions and control mechanisms
  • Strategic and operational decisions with regard to service provision

CLTV can be used for strategic scenarios or can serve for the alignment of marketing measures to promising customer segments. Operational decisions will benefit from CLTV. Decisions, for instance, in favor of or against courtesy measures can be based on the future value of a specific customer relationship.

Our offer

  • Introduction of analytic CRM
  • Further development of existing analytical CRM
  • Design and implementation of essential analytical CRM evaluations, e.g. potential and risk analyses, ABC/customer value analysis or a „Customer Life Time Value Analysis“ based on state-of-the-art technologies (SAP Business Warehouse & SAP BusinessObjects Data Services)
  • Consultancy on the use of SAP BusinessObjects Data Services as well as SAP BusinessObjects Suite and the corresponding added value for an analytical CRM