CubeServ Data Explorer

Boosting data quality in the SAP BW

It is not only in complex Data Warehouse landscapes that errors keep creeping in because of data inconsistencies. Information based on inconsistent data is worthless; even worse, it actually costs a great deal of time to correct erroneous data.

Our experience from numerous customer projects confirms that continuous monitoring of data contents produces greater trust in the data inventories and the information gained from them. Also, and maybe particularly because data volumes in the Data Warehouse are increasing rapidly, early detection of data errors is crucial. The CubeServ Data Explorer provides you with the means to display all data contents in the SAP BW and to detect errors.

Data Explorer Fact Sheet: display data contents
Data Explorer Dashboard: analyse data contents over time

It is not an unusual occurrence for the contents of interfaces that have been validated at some time in the past to undergo changes over time. The Data Explorer allows you to create a “statistical fingerprint” of individual, freely selectable data inventories; inconsistencies and data errors are then easily detectable.

To perform the analysis, statistical key figures for all characteristics and patterns are stored in compressed form – for a key date – in a CubeServ data model and can then be analysed with SAP BW frontend tools. The data can be used for an ad-hoc analysis, for instance if you want to gain a well-founded overview of the data composition of a source to be integrated. In addition to ad-hoc analyses, results can also be analysed over time. This can be particularly useful if you want to respond to unexpected changes in the data in an automated manner and, very importantly, promptly. You can thus determine ranges for key figures with min. and max. threshold values or monitor for precise formats for attribute characteristics. Thanks to the seamless integration with the SAP BW, you can make use of all the facilities available in the reporting: exception reporting, authorisations, broadcasting, etc.


Diverse application scenarios

Using the statistical analysis of data contents in the SAP BW, incorrect data can be detected quickly and in an automated manner. Save time and money in connection with

  • migration projects
  • automated integration tests
  • release changes
  • month-end closing operations
  • preparations for the go live of projects
  • and through standardised data quality monitoring

Checking without programming

Create a statistical “fingerprint” of your data, independent of the existing reporting or layer, and

  • check the frequencies and patterns of characteristics / key figures
  • check initial and unique values in relation to the population
  • compare distributions within one or between several sources
  • control data loads on the basis of the results of automated analyses

Automated checking of data without programming

The CubeServ Data Explorer allows you to perform data controlling in a standardised and automated manner. All the InfoProviders available in the SAP BW, master data and external data sources can be analysed. This is possible whether they are included in the reporting or not.

The analyses are created via the Analysis Process Designer (APD) using drag & drop, with numerous adaptation options with respect to the database under analysis, for instance by applying filters, combining different data inventories and sources, etc.

Analysis creation and automation with Data Explorer

The data analysis can be performed directly, on schedule or as part of a process chain. As shown in the right-hand section of the above screenshot, the check results can also be used to monitor the data loads in the SAP BW. If the data for certain characteristics deviate from the defined patterns, for instance, processing of the respective data will already stop at the lowest level.

Suitable for use on all current SAP Business Warehouse systems

The CubeServ Data Explorer is imported into your SAP Business Warehouse through transport requests and does not require any configuration work before use.

System requirements:

  • SAP Business Warehouse 3.5 or higher (ABAP stack)
  • Also compatible with SAP BW on HANA and Release 7.4 (SP5)

Our Offer

Ask one of our members of staff to demonstrate the CubeServ Data Explorer to you. Our staff can also provide you with further information on data quality in the SAP BW generally.

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