Application Management Services

Several years of experience and best practice

Most companies invest over 60% of their IT budget in the operation of their applications. IT also invests a large amount of time in this task. In order to remain competitive, costs need to be reduced, e.g. operation and business processes need to be optimized or services outsourced.

CubeServ application management services span the operating and continuous optimization of SAP BW and BusinessObjects systems. CubeServ application management services comprise:

  • 7/24 availability of Helpdesk/Hotline
  • Service desk with escalation management
  • (1st), 2nd – level support and 3rd – level support
  • Remote monitoring
  • Customer Care Concept (CCC)
  • Customer Care Management (CCM; process management)
  • Modular and multi-level support concept
  • Operational management concept
IT cost spread: current situation vs. future requirements Source: SAP Press

Modular services

CubeServ offers different modular levels to support application management. Customers can choose between simple remote support, including remote monitoring activities via onsite support, to out tasking and outsourcing.

Remote support:
Queries are processed by the help- and service desks in form of „tickets“. In addition to typical support provided during business hours, extended service availability all the way to 7/24 support. If customers desire, support can also be limited in time. CubeServ will delegate dedicated co-workers to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Modular structure of CubeServ application management services

Onsite support:
In addition to simple remote support, the customer also has the possibility to book an „Onsite Application Management Consultant“ over a defined period of time (from 0.5 days a week to full time deployment).

Out tasking:
CubeServ assumes full tasking for customers and is thus, for instance, responsible for the overall loading process (ETL process).

CubeServ is responsible for the customer’s overall SAP BW applications operating.

ASP – solution:
CubeServ Technologies will ensure maintenance of the customer’s SAP BW platform either on the customer’s system or on CubeServ’s own data center.

Our offer


CubeServ has its own service center, including a hotline and a service desk.
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1st to 3rd – level support

For our customers, we can be reached at normal office hours.
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Optimization and further development

The continuous optimization and corresponding smaller modifications to the system are carried out via onsite as well as remote application management.
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Customer Service Management

CubeServ has developed a customer care concept to be able to react flexibly to customers’ wishes.
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